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Chinese Military

People's Republic of China military pictures of the Chinese Air Force (PLAAF) aircraft, Chinese Army (PLA) equipment, Chinese Navy (PLAN) ships, chinese missiles and chinese military weapons

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Recent Comments

  1. ngatimozart
    @Oberon sorted the misnamed aircraft. Thanks for pointing it out. Ngatimozart.
  2. Oberon
    That's a C-5; not a C-17!
  3. ngatimozart
    Nice photo. When you look at it the VLS doesn't take up a lot of deck space.
  4. Feanor
    Totach and his son, posing by a Merkava Mk4 tank.
  5. AegisFC
    Such good looking aircraft.
  6. AegisFC
    I always thought those were such good looking planes.
  7. AegisFC
    It kind of looks like CGI.
  8. AegisFC
    Good looking ship.

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