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Pictures of the Hellenic Army / Greek Army

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Recent Comments

  1. Sandhi Yudha
    This aircraft is the prototype of the T-50, so it doesn't belong to the USAF.
  2. Hans Larrave SEO
    That is a nice paintjob for a fighter.
  3. Hans Larrave SEO
    This thing is absolutely beautiful, isn't it?
  4. Hans Larrave SEO
    It's a relief to see nations playing well with each other in 2019.
  5. Palivanov
    This photo was taken in which year? And in what place are these transporters in the photo?
  6. ngatimozart
    @Oberon sorted the misnamed aircraft. Thanks for pointing it out. Ngatimozart.
  7. Oberon
    That's a C-5; not a C-17!
  8. ngatimozart
    Nice photo. When you look at it the VLS doesn't take up a lot of deck space.

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