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Washington's New Sound and Fury Hide Fear and Worry

Inter Press Service, While the US' new military aggressiveness against alleged enemy targets in Iraq provided good video to lead TV news broadcasts this week, its effectiveness, as well as the latest political strategy to win Iraqi “hearts and minds,” […]

China's Improving Image Challenges U.S. in Asia

The Washington Post, BANGKOK — Once seen largely as an intimidating trade competitor, a diplomatic bully and a potential military threat, China is building a new reputation among its neighbors as a responsible regional power and an essential engine of […]

Iran, Pakistan and nuclear disarmament

Daily Times, Perceptions are quick to form but resistant to change. This truism is best known among psychologists and intelligence analysts. The situation gets worse when a particular perception is reinforced, slowly but surely, over a long period of time. […]

To lead, U.S. must give up paranoid policies

IHT, Power and insecurity WASHINGTON Paradoxically, American power worldwide is at its historic zenith while its global political standing is at its nadir. Why? Since the tragedy of Sept. 11, which understandably shook and outraged every American, the United States […]

Skepticism grows among US voters

IPS, WASHINGTON – Popular doubts about United States President George W Bush's credibility and his justification for going to war in Iraq are on the rise, according to a new survey conducted by the University of Maryland's Program on International […]

China, India Complete Historic Naval Exercise

AFP, China and India on Nov. 14 conducted their first joint naval exercises off the coast of Shanghai as part of a drive to warm frosty ties between the two nuclear-armed Asian powers. Led by the NS Ranjit, a 5,000-metric […]


wsws, Seven months after Baghdad fell to US troops, Washington is unveiling a crisis strategy that combines the attempt to consolidate an Iraqi puppet regime with the unleashing of a redoubled military onslaught against the Iraqi people. The shift in […]

Interview with Eastern Commander of Indian Navy

Peoples Daily, EBIJING, Nov. 15– On the afternoon of November 12, R.P. Suthan, Eastern Commander of Indian Navy, accepted an exclusive interview with reporter who was led by a military attache aboard the destroyer Ranjit berthing at the port of […]

Ghana Air Force gets ultra modern workshop

gna, Accra, Nov. 14, GNA – Dr Kwame Addo Kufuor, Minister of Defence on Friday inaugurated a 10-million Euro refurbished mechanical workshop for the Ghana Air Force in Accra. The refurbishment of the workshop undertaken by Dornier International Logistics of […]

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