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Gripen Fighter Aircraft Offer to Brazilian Air Force

Gripen International, The Brazilian Air Force today received Gripen International's amended best and final offer, related to the F-X BR Project. The objective is to initially acquire 12 advanced fighter aircraft to replace their ageing Mirage III fleet. Gripen's updated […]


MENL, ANKARA [MENL] — Turkey has ordered tactical military radios in a $10 million deal with the United States. The Turkish Defense Ministry has awarded the contract to Harris Corp. for the Land Forces Command for systems to transmit voice […]

Libya to give military aid to Indonesia

AP, JAKARTA : Libya plans to give Indonesia military equipment and expertise to help fight rebels in Aceh province to compensate for allowing the insurgents to train in the country in the 1980s; a media report quoted the military chief […]

CIA warns of defeat

Herald Sun, A TOP-secret CIA report warns that growing numbers of Iraqis believe the US-led coalition can be defeated and are supporting the resistance. The report paints a bleak picture of the political and security situation and cautions that the […]

Japanese troops for Iraq by year-end

AFP, Japan has issued its strongest public message yet that it would send troops to Iraq this year, just days before a visit by US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Chief Cabinet Secretary,Yasuo Fukuda said Japan planned to send troops before […]

Sweden and Finland support EU security policy

EUobserver, EU crisis management operations should be approved by all member states, according to the Swedish and Finnish foreign ministers. In a joint article in Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter, they reject the Constitution's proposal that a limited number of member […]

EADS may take equity in JV with Bharat Dynamics

PTI, European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company's subsidiary MBDA is planning to take equity in the proposed joint venture with Bharat Dynamics for new generation of missile systems. The JV is expected to become operational early next year. MBDA had […]

Russia to modernize its military base in Armenia

, Russia plans to start re-arming and re-equipping its military base in Armenia, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov said at a press conference in Yerevan on Tuesday evening. Russia needs to improve the “quality of its military presence in Armenia.” […]

British Army used IMI artillery cluster shells in Iraq War

Globes , The UK government embargo on arms sales to Israel did not prevent it from buying arms and munitions from Israel Military Industries (IMI). The British Army procured Israeli cluster artillery shells and used them in the Iraq War […]

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