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Iranian minister defends role of defence establishment in nuclear programme

AFP, TEHRAN: Iran's defence minister justisfied Wednesday the work of the military in the country's civil nuclear programme by asserting that the armed forces also manufactured parts for televisions. The comments by Ali Shamkhani, carried by the student news agency […]

$550m for tanks – Australia

theadvertiser, The army will buy $550 million worth of new American-made M1A1 Abrams tanks. The Federal Government will announce its decision today to replace the ageing fleet of Leopard 1 tanks with the huge, high-cost machines. The half-billion-plus purchase will provide […]

South Korean Trainer Aircraft Gain Overseas Interest


Pakistan & USA – Allies in the war on Terrorism!

Pakistan & USA – Allies in the war on Terrorism!

Iviews, More Military Pictures Pakistan, since 9/11, continues to be in the news prominently. Pakistan has had a long relationship with the U.S. During the cold war, through the seventies and eighties, Pakistan served the interests of the West, mainly […]

Enough is Enough – Why is Apartheid Touted as a Solution?, As I write this, Israeli occupation forces have just finished killing 14 and injuring 80 Palestinians in a five hour “sweep” in Gaza. Four of those killed and 26 of those injured were children (ages 10-16). In one week, […]


Arabnews, CAIRO, 9 March 2004

War on Terror hits Africa: More oil, more colonies

AL-Jazeerah, The Pentagon is signaling that it will be expanding its efforts in the war on Terrorism on a new front; Africa. The news only reinforces the widely held belief among skeptics that the war on terror is a shameless […]

New Zealand: Afghanistan Defence Deployment – Q&A

New Zealand Government , Afghanistan Defence Deployment – Questions & Answers Under what international mandate will these further New Zealand contributions to Afghanistan be provided? – The international mandate for the deployment of personnel in Afghanistan is based on Article […]

A ticket to heaven or a slide to hell?


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