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India gives trucks to new Afghan army

AFP, KABUL: India on Tuesday donated 300 military vehicles to Afghanistan's fledgling national army to help it in its struggle against the militants launching regular attacks on troops. The delivery came a day after five Afghan National Army troops were […]

F-16 fighter jets for sale

Herald and Weekly Times, Assault helicopters, F-16 fighter planes and tanks are all available at knock-down prices in an end-of-year sale being staged by the Israeli army, the Yediot Aharonot daily reported today. The defence ministry has released a catalogue […]

Aussie troops claimed to be using defective helmets and boots

AFP, Australian soldiers serving in Iraq have been issued with faulty equipment including defective helmets, it was claimed here Tuesday. Peter Marshall, a private supplier to the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO), which equips the Australian military, said that about 8,000 […]

Australia To Upgrade Army Heavy Vehicles (Dec. 30)

Australian Defence Organisation, The Australian Government will provide a safer and healthier environment for soldiers working with the Army

Pakistan: the west's soft centre

The Guardian, If Musharraf is assassinated, the war on terror will also be a victim Here is one terrorist threat even Tony Blair doesn't need to vamp up. It is self-evidently real and ominously recurrent. If, one day soon, it […]

Christian Zionists: Evangelicals a new lifeline for Israelis

AJC, Herzliya, Israel — As they say in the preaching business, Pat Robertson had them in the palm of his hand. No matter that his audience wasn't predominantly Christian, let alone American. They drank up every word. And when the […]

Fortress America: where no birds or ideas fly

New York Times, If America ever runs out of room to store its gold in Fort Knox, I know just the place to put it: the new US consulate in Istanbul. It looks just like Fort Knox, without the charm. […]

WZO: Europe is becoming Muslim

Haaretz, “Europe is becoming a Muslim continent,” a new public relations booklet prepared by the World Zionist Organization warns. The booklet, a Hebrew-language copy of which was obtained by Haaretz, was prepared for a conference of leaders of Orthodox communities […]

Islamic vs Freedom Fundamentalists

, The recent ban imposed upon the Muslim women in France from wearing the Islamic scarf (Hijab) gives credence to the above opinion held by many Muslims. It was not too long ago that the Taliban were demonised for not […]

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