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[pagelist 2] is one of the leading and most popular professional websites covering military, defense and aerospace industries. DefenceTalk offers great opportunity for Defense companies small and large to showcase their products and services to Defense analysts, Defense contractors, Defense policy makers as well as the general Defense enthusiasts from around the world. Over 37 percent of our traffic is from countries outside North America; countries such as (not in any particular order) Australia, European Union Countries, Canada, Great Britain, India, Singapore, China, Pakistan, Germany, Honk Kong, New Zealand, France, Turkey, Israel, Sweden, Spain, Hungary, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Malaysia and many more. DefenceTalk truly is an international and global website with reach to all of the major countries that use western military equipment and are very much interested in buying more – we can help you showcase your defense products and services to these countries at very reasonable and affordable prices.

DefenceTalk has regular, well educated and very loyal visitor base. Our Defense forums are populated with many Defense analysts and professionals who are directly involved with their respective country’s Defense/Aerospace and arms industry. They are part of the group of visitors that visit DefenceTalk on daily basis and have become the backbone of our website and we continue to attract more serious Defense analysts/professionals who enjoy being part of an interactive, mature and serious Defense community as much as they enjoy working in the Defense Industry.

DefenceTalk provides up-to-update defense reports, military acquisitions, military sales, weapons news, defense news and other geopolitical news from around the world. DefenceTalk enjoys great support in the world of social media with over 600+ facebook friends, over 2400 twitter followers and 3,000 RSS feed subscribers. Our news reports and articles reach our readers the minute they are published on our website and show up in search results within hours.

Facts and why you should seriously consider advertisement on DefenceTalk:

  • DefenceTalk receives on average between 375,000 to 450,000 unique visitors per month, over 63% from USA.
  • enjoys top placements on all major search engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN and all others. More than 63% of our DAILY traffic is strictly from search engines. All of our webpages are highly search engine friendly and optimized so that they show up right on the top when a search is made. Please contact us for more details!
  • Almost all of DefenceTalk’s webpages have high Google PageRank (PR). High PageRank is a sign of growing popularity among users and other websites that link back to us as a great resource.
  • DefenceTalk is made to attract the serious Defense analysts and those who are in the Defense, Military and Aerospace sector.
  • DefenceTalk is known for it’s strict rules and their implementation and at the same time keep a very friendly and open atmosphere so that all Defense analysts and those who work in Defense industry can come and enjoy our services.
  • DefenceTalk primary purpose is to provide all types of Defense News and information (defense forums, military gallery, etc) and we provide all these “services” free of charge!
    • Information, News and discussions on:
      • Defense Affairs
      • Defense companies
      • Defense procedures
      • Aerospace Industry
      • Strategic Defense Issues
      • Military Weapons
      • How various military weapons are used and in which situations
      • Defense product comparison from several international manufacturers
      • Expert opinion on various other Defense and Military affairs….
      • Anti-Terrorism and global war on terrorism affairs
      • World Affairs and Security Issues
  • DefenceTalk is one of the most popular, the fastest growing and user friendly Professional Defence and Military websites and portals on the internet today. We continue to set new standards which other sites are forced to copy.
  • On average 200-1000+ NEW users register on Defence Talk forums on a monthly basis.
  • Target Visitors and Readership:
    • Defense Institutions, Defence Ministries, Military Personnel
    • World Armed Forces Personnel
    • Governmental Agencies
    • Journalists and Writers
    • World Embassies
    • Business Firms
    • Defence Firms
    • Defense Companies
    • Strategic Study Groups
    • Political and Defence Researchers
    • Political and Defence Scholars
    • Strategic Policy Think-Tanks
  • Huge userbase and daily registration volume. Defence Talk alone has over 32,000+ registered users (over 41,900+ registered users in the network of websites, see below) with many new users signing up on daily basis. is one of the few websites with free Defense news, mature and professional Defense forums and one of the internet’s popular Military Pictures’ Gallery and growing weapons database and world military sections.

DefenceTalk has been growing rapidly with over 33,000+ global members and community participants and adding new members on daily basis.

Type of Ads Offered

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Rates for Newsletter (may not be available) Ads only (Discontinued):

$2,595 + a small banner (125 x 125) advertisement on the website homepage sidebar as well for all (those who visit the site daily, new or old and those who are not subscribers to our newsletter) non newsletter visitors daily for one month.

Quarterly (every three months)
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The number of subscribers will increase but your rates will never increase. Full payment is required before any advertisement compaign is started.

Due to unpleasant experiences please know that payment is REQUIRED before any advertising campaign is started and all payments are final.

DefenceTalk’s sister website:

  • Sino Defence Forum This website/forum is result of direct partnership between and, internet’s most popular website on China’s Military and Defence Information, News and analysis. SinoDefenceForum gets 50,000+ unique visitors a month and also enjoys top spots in major search engines for related keywords.

We can design custom advertising solutions for you or work with you to implement your own advertising solution already in place. If you are a non-defense company and would like to advertise civilian/general public products, we would be able to assist you reaching the regional as well as global audience you need to succeed.

If you are interested in advertising on, and/or, please contact us for rates and information.

Please use online contact form to request more information and ask any questions*.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Full payment is required before advertisement campaign is started or banners are put up
  • All payments are final
  • No refund will be issued after payment has been made
  • DefenceTalk is not responsible for any bank or wire transfer fees
  • DefenceTalk does not guarantee sales or sign-ups