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Israel Ends Selection Process For SRBM Program

Israeli Ministry of Defence, The Israeli Ministry of Defense's DRDD (Defense Research and Development Directorate) has selected Rafeal Armament Development Authority and Raytheon for Short- Range Ballistic Missile interceptor development to defeat a variety of low-cost, short range ballistic missile […]

Pentagon seeking non-nuclear submarine missile

AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, New York: The Pentagon is pressing Congress to approve the development of a new weapon that would enable the United States to carry out non-nuclear missile strikes against distant targets within an hour, The New York Times reported […]

First at-Sea Demonstration of Sea-Based Terminal Capability Successfully Completed

US Missile Defense Agency, WASHINGTON: The U.S. Navy, in cooperation with the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), successfully conducted a ballistic missile defense (BMD) demonstration May 24 involving the intercept of a target missile in the terminal phase (the last few […]

U.S. Urges Russia To Reconsider Missile Sales to Iran

AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, The United States urged Russia May 26 to reconsider its decision to honor a contract to sell TOR-M1 surface-to-air missiles to Iran.

Russian Missiles More Than a Match for U.S.

AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, The head of the Russian military

Czechs: No Concrete Plans for US Anti-Missile Base

Deutsche Welle German radio, The Czech Republic has received “no concrete proposal” from the US for locating an anti

Iran Conducts Missile Test: U.S. Defense Official

AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, Iran fired a medium-range Shahab-3 missile the night of May 23 in a test, a U.S. defense official said May 24.

Extended Range JASSM Cruise Missile Successfully Completes First Development Flight Test

Lockheed Martin, ORLANDO: Lockheed Martin

First Small Diameter Bomb I System Delivered to US Air Force

First Small Diameter Bomb I System Delivered to US Air Force

Boeing Company, ST. LOUIS: The Boeing Company today delivered the first production Small Diameter Bomb I (SDB I) System to the U.S Air Force during a rollout ceremony at the Boeing Weapons facility in St. Charles, Mo. The SDB I […]

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