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MBDA, Raytheon Offer Anti-Aircraft Missiles for Estonia

AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, European company MBDA Missile Systems and its U.S. rival Raytheon have offered to supply Estonia with anti-aircraft missiles in a deal worth 45 million euros ($55.5 million), officials said April 21.

India Fighter Jets To Launch Supersonic Cruise Missiles: Report

AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE , The Indian Air Force (IAF) has begun work to arm its frontline fighter jets with supersonic cruise missiles being developed jointly with Russia, a report said April 17.

Missile Defense Agency Conducts Successful Data Collection Flight Test

US Missile Defense Agency, Air Force Lieutenant General Henry

Successful Arena Test of the Warhead for the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System II

Lockheed Martin, ORLANDO: Lockheed Martin has successfully completed the first in a series of four Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System II (APKWS II) warhead arena tests. These tests provide data to demonstrate the lethality of Lockheed Martin's integrated APKWS II […]

Russia should make 20-30 ballistic missiles a year – expert

RIA Novosti, MOSCOW: Russia needs to produce up to 30 intercontinental ballistic missiles a year to maintain a strategic nuclear balance with the United States, a senior security expert said Tuesday. Alexei Arbatov, head of the international security center at […]

Raytheon Awarded Rolling Airframe Missile Production Contract for Republic of Korea

Raytheon , TUCSON: Raytheon Company has been awarded a $17.4 million contract for production of the Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) for the Republic of Korea (ROK).   The U.S. Navy contract calls for production of 30 RAM Block 1/HAS (helicopter, aircraft, […]

Defense Officials Losing Faith in Missile Defense Potential

Taiwan Government News, There is a vast divide between those in the military and government who want to boost the country's missile defenses, and their opponents, who believe the country should develop deterrent capabilities instead of paying for high-priced missile […]

2005 Confirms the Qualities of the Aspide 2000 Surface-to-Air Missile

MBDA, With a success rate exceeding 92% achieved in over 40 test-firing campaigns carried out around the world with Aspide and Aspide 2000 missiles during 2005, the qualities of this highly effective air defence system have once again been strongly […]

Raytheon Makes First International Joint Standoff Weapon Sale to Turkey

Raytheon , TUCSON: Raytheon Company has received the first contract for international sale of its Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW) to Turkey for integration on its F-16 aircraft.   Raytheon received a foreign military sales contract from the Naval Air Systems Command […]

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