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Enough is Enough – Why is Apartheid Touted as a Solution?, As I write this, Israeli occupation forces have just finished killing 14 and injuring 80 Palestinians in a five hour “sweep” in Gaza. Four of those killed and 26 of those injured were children (ages 10-16). In one week, […]


Arabnews, CAIRO, 9 March 2004

War on Terror hits Africa: More oil, more colonies

AL-Jazeerah, The Pentagon is signaling that it will be expanding its efforts in the war on Terrorism on a new front; Africa. The news only reinforces the widely held belief among skeptics that the war on terror is a shameless […]

New Zealand: Afghanistan Defence Deployment – Q&A

New Zealand Government , Afghanistan Defence Deployment – Questions & Answers Under what international mandate will these further New Zealand contributions to Afghanistan be provided? – The international mandate for the deployment of personnel in Afghanistan is based on Article […]

A ticket to heaven or a slide to hell?


Invade us and it's no more oil, Chavez tells US

, Venezuela's President, Hugo Chavez, has vowed to freeze oil exports to the US and wage a “100-year war” if Washington ever tried to invade his country. The US has repeatedly denied ever trying to overthrow Mr Chavez, but the […]

Turkey's EU entry hopes given a lift


Pakistan Tests Longest-Range Missile Yet

AP, ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) – Pakistan on Tuesday tested its longest-range missile yet, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and hitting targets deep inside neighboring India, the military said. “Pakistan today successfully carried out the maiden test fire of the […]

Lockheed sees 70-75 deliveries of F-16s in next 2 years

AP, WASHINGTON – Lockheed Martin Corp. expects to deliver 70 to 75 F-16 fighter aircraft over the next two years, according to its annual report filed Monday with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The defense and aerospace company said it […]

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