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Training Program for Hungarians on Gripen starts

FMV Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, STOCKHOLM — On November 11 a group of 18 Hungarian engineers, technicians and specialists, from the Hungarian program office, started a Gripen familiarisation course in Sweden.   The course is held at the Swedish Air Force […]

North Korean Military

US Department of Defense, SEOUL, South Korea — With 1.2 million people under arms, the North Korean military is

Saudi rulers draw the wrong line

Asia Times, BANGALORE – Following the bomb attack on a residential complex in Riyadh on November 8, Saudi Arabia's King Fahd pledged “to strike with an iron fist whoever tries to violate the security of the country or its stability”. […]

Fortress London braced for anti-Bush demos

The Guardian, The first demonstrations against George Bush's state visit to Britain were already under way last night as Air Force One, the presidential jumbo jet, landed at Heathrow. London got an early taste of the next two days' demonstrations […]

U.S. lets down 'New Europe'

IHT, WASHINGTON Since the Sept. 11 attacks, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe have proven staunch allies in meeting America's challenges abroad, often in the face of public opposition. But their sense of solidarity with America is being replaced […]

What is the value of a life?


Zionism as a Racist ideology

The New Nation, During a presentation on the Palestinian-Israeli situation in 2001, an American-Israeli acquaintance of ours began with a typical attack on the Palestinians. Taking the overused line that “Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity,” he […]

The Independent Institute, As Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, the top U.S. general in Iraq, unleashed a more aggressive plan to pulverize the intensifying insurgency, he declared that the war was at a turning point and was breaking America

US Middle East Policy Ignores Realities in the Region

Arabnews, WASHINGTON, 19 November 2003

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