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Israel to Expand Golan Settlements

Arabnews, OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, 1 January 2004

Grief among Bam's nameless tombs


Rumsfeld backed Saddam even after chemical attacks

The Independent, Fresh controversy about Donald Rumsfeld's personal dealings with Saddam Hussein was provoked yesterday by new documents that reveal he went to Iraq to show America's support for the regime despite its use of chemical weapons. The formerly secret […]

Blair acted like a 'white vigilante' by invading Iraq, says bishop

The Guardian, Tony Blair came under attack from two of the Church of England's most senior figures yesterday for acting “like a white vigilante” and for lacking humility in forging ahead with the war on Iraq. In the most outspoken […]

Good riddance to a bad, sad year


Syria Calls for Nuclear Free Middle East, Less than 72 hours before it completes its two-year term in the 15-member U.N. Security Council, Syria formally introduced a resolution Monday calling for a nuclear weapons-free zone in the politically volatile Middle East. The resolution, which was apparently […]

Makkah conference 'long overdue'

, The root cause of Saudi Arabia's problems lies in the lack of diversity in opinion and religious interpretation, according to one of the participants in the Convention for National Dialogue, which opened on Sunday in the holy city of […]

28,000 bodies pulled from rubble of Iranian quake: officials

AFP, TEHRAN : Some 28,000 corpses have been pulled out of the rubble and buried after the devastating earthquake in and around Bam, in southeastern Iran, state radio reported quoting local government officials. The previous toll, given by officials in […]

India to start new arms race

PNS, NEW DELHI: The Indian measures to provide more teeth to its air force and navy have once against created the chances of an arms race in the region as no country can remain oblivious of its security and survival,” […]

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