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In Chechnya, echoes of Afghanistan


War on terror

Daily Times, The MMA, which controls the North West Frontier and Balochistan provinces that border Afghanistan, has provided support for the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan and Islamic militant groups fighting Indian troops in Kashmir

Attacks turning to US allies in Iraq


Amnesty Criticizes U.S. for Afghan Deaths

AP, KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) – Amnesty International criticized the U.S. military on Monday for failing to announce the results of a criminal investigation into the deaths of two Afghans at a prison inside Bagram air base a year ago. The […]

Launching of Extra Fast Attack Craft

Goa Shipyard Ltd, Extra Fast Attack Craft built by Goa Shipyard Ltd (GSL) for the Indian Navy was launched on 27th November 2003 at GSL jetty by Mrs. Nirupma Jaitly wife of Vice-Adm P Jaitly, Controller of Warship Production & […]

Sea Shadow Helps Tests New Technologies

US Navy, WASHINGTON — In the ongoing effort to bring new technologies to the fleet more rapidly, military and industry have a valuable asset available in Sea Shadow (IX 529). A futuristic-looking vessel with a shape reminiscent of Darth Vader

Washington resumed military assistance to Latvia

RIAN, The USA has allocated $4.5 mln (2.97 million Latts) to Latvia's Ministry of Defence, having thereby recommenced the military assistance to Latvia which was halted last summer in connection with Latvia's refusal to conclude an agreement on granting US […]

U.S. assesses global troop deployment

National Post, For the first time since the end of the Second World War, U.S. military planners are conducting a sweeping reassessment of how and where the Pentagon bases its troops. In a post-Cold War world filled with rogue states, […]

U.S. wants NATO force for Afghanistan

The London Free Press, Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld would like the primary role to change hands. BRUSSELS — The United States would like NATO eventually to take over the military mission in Afghanistan, where an American-dominated force is still hunting […]

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