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As losses mount, US military unveils new high-tech gadgets

AFP, WASHINGTON: New armor plates and steel bars designed to fortify Humvee vehicles against rocket-propelled grenades and machine gun fire are already being shipped by the Pentagon to Iraq and Afghanistan. Scientists are burning the midnight oil developing new super-sensitive […]

China plans jam-proof communications satellite to keep ahead of Falungong

AFP, BEIJING: China plans to launch a jam-proof communications satellite next year in a bid to keep a step ahead of Falungong and other groups using radio and TV to spread their messages, state media said Thursday. The Chinese Academy […]

Australian ship builders unwelcome in US waters


WMD: The inspector's final report


Collins Class Submarines Achieve

Australian Department of Defence, The Royal Australian Navy has today accepted

Iraq civil war: Rumors and reality


If Israel Is So Sure of Its Case, Why Refuse to Go to The Hague?

Arabnews, MUSCAT, 1 March 2004

Kurdish demands trigger fears of civil war in Iraq


BAE Systems in link-up talks with MiG jet firm

BAE Systems, Britain’s biggest defence contractor, is in talks about possible joint ventures with Irkut, a Siberian-based aerospace company which used to make MiG fighter jets for the Soviet Air Force. Alexei Fedorov, Irkut’s chief executive, said the companies could […]

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