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Israel kills Hamas leader Shaikh Ahmad Yasin

Agencies, The body of Hamas spiritual leader Shaikh Ahmad Yasin has been carried through the streets of Gaza City by resistance fighters at the start of his funeral.  Tens of thousands of mourners accompanied the cortege on Monday as it […]

NASA to test supersonic drone this month

NASA to test supersonic drone this month

AFP, WASHINGTON, March 17 (AFP) – NASA announced plans to launch a supersonic drone later this month designed to fly 6,000 miles (10,000 km) per hour, nearly three times the standing jet airspeed record. This 1999 NASA artist's rendition shows […]

US vs. Europe: two views of terror


EU And Israel Reach Agreement On GALILEO

European Commission, BRUSSELS — An agreement has been reached between the European Union and the State of Israel on its participation in the GALILEO program. This agreement was initialed in Jerusalem on 17 March 2004 by Fran

US to designate Pakistan a 'major non-NATO ally' – Powell

AFP, ISLAMABAD: The United States will designate Pakistan a “major non-NATO ally” in a move that will significantly enhance military cooperation between the two countries, US Secretary of State Colin Powell said here Thursday. The step, an apparent reward for […]

Singapore formally joins F35 stealth fighter program

AFP, SINGAPORE: Singapore has formally joined the US-led Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program, making it the first Asian nation to take part in the development of what is possibly the world's most advanced combat jet, the government said Tuesday. A […]

Russia test-fires ICBMs after two failures

AFP, MOSCOW: Russia's navy Wednesday successfully fired two test inter-continental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) one month after aborting two attempts during military exercises overseen by President Vladimir Putin. The ICBMs were launched over a span of a few hours from the […]

Taiwan puts troops on alert, watching Chinese military

AFP, TAIPEI: Taiwan's defense ministry has put its troops on full alert ahead of the island's presidential polls and is closely watching China's submarine fleet and missile units, it said Tuesday. China's missile threat is at the heart of polling […]

Pakistan to conduct more missile tests: President

AFP, PESHAWAR: Pakistan Monday said a launch last week of a nuclear-capable medium range missile would be followed by more tests in coming months, despite US requests to scale back its weapons programme. “We have tested Shaheen II missile and […]

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