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Israel may buy Indian Dhruv to transport VIPs

PTI, Israel is likely to buy the India-manufactured Advance Light Helicopter 'Dhruv' for ferrying VIPs and senior defence officials. Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI), committed to reciprocal procurement from India following the purchase of Phalcon early warning system, is negotiating with […]

U.S. will buy Embraer planes made in Jacksonville,0,6659642.story?coll=sfla-business-headlines, Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer won its first U.S. defense contract and will soon make jets in Jacksonville as part of a group filling an initial $879 million order. The Army deal marks a milestone for the Brazilian export giant […]

Report: NZ has evidence jailed Israelis are Mossad agents


9/11 Commission tells truth, but not whole truth, Of all the autopsies performed on 9/11, the most revealing is the one conducted by the commission assigned to dissect it. More than enumerating the administrative failures that led to the tragedy, and making sensible suggestions to rectify them, […]

High level Qatar armed forces team briefed on BAE Systems C4ISR capabilities, A high-level delegation from Qatar's armed forces was given a preview of BAE Systems' Homeland Security capabilities, which will be showcased at Milipol in Doha later this year, when they visited the UK's Farnborough air show recently. The delegation […]

Fighter jets and bombers head for scrapheap


JF-17 Thunder Fighter Aircraft

JF-17 Thunder Fighter Aircraft

The first flight of FC-1/JF-17 Thunder took place in August 2003. Five prototypes are ready by now which are undergoing testing. Pakistan will receive 10 of JF-17 Thunder aircrafts after June, 2006 for training purpose. The serial production will start in […]

Malaysia to buy Chinese missiles for technology transfer

AFP, KUALA LUMPUR: China has agreed to transfer its expertise in the very short-range missiles to Malaysia, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. However, he said the transfer of technology depended on other factors currently being considered by […]

Taiwan ready to hold rare military drill: landing fighter jets on a freeway

AP, TAIPEI, Taiwan: Taiwan's military will close part of a popular freeway Wednesday so jet fighters can practice using it as an emergency runway a rare drill to prepare pilots for the possible bombing of air bases by China, officials […]

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