Through the next 10 years, the U.S. Navy’s EW Simulator Development program should see steady annual funding. With the increasing production over the next several years of new flying platforms – the EA-18G and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter – there will be steady demand for the most advanced simulation and training technologies.

The objective of the program is to develop simulation facilities and approaches that will allow planners to evaluate the effectiveness of EW in real-world engagement situations and support the introduction of modern, effective systems into naval aviation. Simulation is an important method in assessing foreign technology threats. The technique also helps prepare pilots and planners deal with those threats.

In addition, new platforms such as the EA-18G and F-35 require testing and evaluation, which ensures that the EW systems on those aircraft will be able to protect the aircraft from both current and future threats.

As laid out in the FY12 U.S. defense budget, $113 million has been budgeted for program activities through FY16. Based on a projection of this budget, $199 million is likely to be spent on the program through 2021.