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US Army, Tufts team up to advance cognitive science

Scientists at the Center for Applied Brain and Cognitive Sciences collect data on the efficacy of administering targeted brain stimulation on memory and navigation performance in novel environments.

Army researchers have teamed up with the Tufts University School of Engineering to create the Center for Applied Brain and Cognitive Sciences, or Center for ABCs. The center is co-directed by Dr. Caroline Mahoney, team leader for the U.S. Army […]

Innovative system links US Army networks with allies, agencies

Joe Marinich, participating in the Joint Users Interoperability Communications Exercise at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., June 24, 2015, uses a Multimedia Gateway to allow the Federal Emergency Management Agency to communicate with various Army National Guard units and the Marines at Camp Pendleton, Calif.

An orchestra sounds better if everyone’s on the same sheet of music. Having everyone on the same sheet of music also applies to all participants in a military operation or homeland security emergency response. Trouble is, the Department of Defense, […]

US Army scientists test fabric for new warfighter uniforms

Edgewood Chemical Biological Center researchers are part of a team looking to design a new warfighter uniform, which will decrease thermal burden to the warfighter while maintaining the same or better protection against chemical agents.

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency is leading an effort to design a new warfighter uniform – with added protection against chemical warfare agents encountered in the field. Army scientists are using both standard and new methods to test fabrics, which […]

First US Army-designed exercise replicates combat training center rotation

A First Army observer coach/trainer, right, and an officer with the Vermont Army National Guard's 86th Infantry Brigade Combat Team observe action during multi-echelon integrated brigade training on Fort Drum, N.Y., June 16, 2015.

Helping to ensure select Army National Guard units maintain readiness before deploying was the focus of the multi-echelon integrated brigade training, or MIBT, event held here, June 13-26. This was the first MIBT, which addresses the training needs of National […]

US Army opens 20,563 engineering positions to women

Soldiers helocast into Lake of the Ozarks during the U.S. Army Sapper Leaders Course at Osage Beach, Mo. Female enlisted Soldiers can now become combat engineers.

Military Occupational Specialty, or MOS 12B, Combat Engineer is now open to all female enlisted Soldiers of all components, according to Army Directive 2015-27. The June 16 directive from Army Secretary John M. McHugh makes available 20,563 additional positions for […]

Joint U.S., Israeli device seeks to reduce airflow drag

Items, which are added to helicopters, such as weapons systems, create drag and decrease aircraft performance.

U.S. Army and Israeli scientists are conducting testing and research on active flow control devices as a means to reduce drag on future Army aircraft. The Suction and Oscillatory Blowing Actuator, or SaOB, invented by Israeli scientist, Dr. Avraham Seifert […]

Romania proving a strong ally during Exercise Combined Resolve IV

Romania proving a strong ally during Exercise Combined Resolve IV

Approximately 250 soldiers, from the Romanian Land Forces, are participating in the multinational Exercise Combined Resolve IV to improve operations in a coalition structure alongside NATO allies and European partners. Since 2003, the Romanian Land Forces have deployed three times […]

US Army’s mid-tier radio advances battlefield network

US Army’s mid-tier radio advances battlefield network

With vehicles that are equipped with a new high-bandwidth networking radio, Soldiers can move across the battlefield, rapidly exchanging mission-critical voice messages, images and video with their commanders. Using line-of-sight communications waveforms that are not dependent on satellites, mid-tier networking […]

U.S. Army plans exercise with Romanian Land Force

U.S. Army plans exercise with Romanian Land Force

Despite hours of planning and preparation dedicated toward a common goal, those involved would not know if the planning was a success until the plans are implemented. It is only then when all involved learn whether the initial phases led […]

US Army outfits first vehicles with electronic stability control

A brand-new Mine Resistant Ambush Protected feature - the first of its kind for the Army - will help maximize warfighter safety and survivability. MRAPs are the first vehicles outfitted with electronic stability control. Electronic stability control could also be an enabler for future fully autonomous vehicles.

Soldiers laud the ballistic protection Mine Resistant Ambush Protected, or MRAP, vehicles that provide them against underbody threats, but now a brand-new MRAP feature, the first of its kind for the Army, will help maximize warfighter safety and survivability. Electronic […]

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