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Breedlove: Russia, Violent Extremism Challenge Europe

Air Force Gen. Philip M. Breedlove, NATO’s supreme allied commander for Europe and commander of U.S. European Command

Europe faces a different and more challenging security environment than it did just a year ago, including an increasingly aggressive Russia and a surge of violent extremism, Air Force Gen. Philip M. Breedlove said here yesterday. Breedlove, commander of U.S. […]

Britain will not send arms to Ukraine: minister

Britain will not send arms to Ukraine: minister

A senior British minister ruled out sending arms to Ukraine Sunday as the United States and European nations sought ways to pressure Russia over the conflict in the ex-Soviet republic’s east. William Hague, who was foreign secretary until last year […]

Russia Deploying Next-Gen Nebo-M Radar to Counter NATO Threat

Russian Nebo-M Radar

Russia has begun deploying the next generation of Nebo-M anti-missile radar facility systems as part of a responsive measure to a threat stemming from NATO anti-ballistic missile systems in Eastern Europe. “The mobile multi-range programmable Nebo-M complex is capable of […]

German Government Says No Tanks for Lithuania: Report

German Government Says No Tanks for Lithuania: Report

The German government has said it will not fulfill a request from its NATO ally and European Union partner Lithuania for the delivery of so-called Boxer tanks, a media report said on Sunday, citing the German Defense Ministry. “A delivery […]

Upgrades boost BMD radar’s performance during missile raid

Raytheon's AN/TPY-2 missile defense radar

Raytheon AN/TPY-2 radar to gain better discrimination of threats and non-threats The U.S. and its friends and allies will soon have improved defenses against ballistic missile raids — large quantities of simultaneously impacting ballistic missiles. Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) has […]

Turkey Defers Air Defense Missile Decision As China Talks Continue

Patriot Air Defense Missiles

Turkey is sending mixed signals over whether it will buy a multi-billion dollar anti-missile defense system from NATO allies or China. Turkey’s posturing could backfire, writes Jacob Resneck from Istanbul. Turkey’s announcement in 2013 that it had accepted a $3.4 […]

Ukraine rebels say no arms pull-back until ‘full ceasefire’

Ukraine Rebels

Pro-Russian rebels in east Ukraine said Monday they will only start pulling back weapons from the frontline under a peace deal once there is a “full ceasefire”. “In accordance with the Minsk agreement, the withdrawal of military hardware can only […]

Poland to spend billions on defence amid rumblings of war in Europe

Poland to spend billions on defence amid rumblings of war in Europe

Looking east to the bloody conflict gripping Ukraine, NATO-member Poland has kicked off an unprecedented military spending spree worth billions to overhaul its forces as Warsaw believes peace in Europe is no longer a given. The escalation of tensions with […]

Ukraine military ‘unsuited’ to current conflict: study

Ukraine military ‘unsuited’ to current conflict: study

Ukraine’s military is “unsuited” to the current conflict against pro-Russian separatists and needs more armored vehicles and artillery rockets, a British defence think tank said on Wednesday. Regularizing volunteer battalions that have played a key role in the fighting will […]

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