PakTribune, ISLAMABAD, October 12 (Online): Defence Minister Rao Sikandar Iqbal Saturday accused Indian intelligence agency “RAW” for assassination of Millat-I-Islamia Head and member National Assembly Maulana Azam Tariq.

“India is trying to destabilise Pakistan by provoking sectarianism between Shia-Sunni sects,” he said in an exclusive interview with Online at his chamber here at the Parliament House.

He said that the murder of Maulana Azam Tariq is very regrettable and highly condemnable act. He dispelled the notion about the alleged involvement of Iran in this terrorist act saying there is no question of Iran's involvement in this incident.

“Indian intelligence agency “RAW” is behind the murder of Millat-I-Islamia leader, Maulana Azam Tariq. The possibility of India's involvement in recent killing of members of Shiat community, during incident of firing on a bus in Karachi, could also not be ruled out,” he maintained.

Rao Sikandar said India wants to create unrest among the people belonging to different school of thoughts by provoking Shiat-Sunni sectarianism in Pakistan. These acts of terrorism by Indian agencies were designed to destabilise Pakistan, he added.

Defence Minster informed that high power teams of law enforcement agencies including police were thoroughly investigating the assassination of Maulana Azam Tariq and they would soon trace down elements involved in this heinous crime.

“Indo-Israel nexus posed serious threats for the whole world particularly security in South Asia region. Pakistan is fully capable to handle them,” he asserted.

He said Israel has close relations with India from the very beginning and it (Israel) had been extending its all out support especially military cooperation towards India.

There is no question to recognize Israel by Pakistan in present circumstances. It would also be difficult for Pakistan to recognize Israel in near future, he added.

In reply to a question Defence Minister said Pakistan would not join armed race with India.

“We want to resolve all outstanding issues with India including the core issue of Kashmir through talks peacefully. But India's belligerent attitude is the main hurdle in the resumption of Pak-India talks,” he said.

Pakistan has extended hand of friendship towards India by open mind but Indian leadership had not responded positively towards Pakistan's good will gesture, Rao Sikandar said.

When asked about the expiring of agreement about Durand Line between Pakistan and Afghanistan, Rao replied that the government is considering the issue seriously.

“General Pervez Musharraf wants very warm and friendly relations with the neighbouring Afghanistan and he would also sort out the Durand Line issue,” he maintained.

In reply to another question, the Defence Minister said no decision has been taken yet vis-