Russia will supply India with 200 Ka-226 helicopters under a contract worth over $1 billion, the head of Russia’s Rostec corporation said Thursday.

“We have signed a contract with India for joint production of Ka-226 helicopters,” Sergei Chemezov said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Forty helicopters will be ready for delivery, while [remaining] 160 will be built under license in India,” Chemezov added.

The Kamov Ka-226 is a lightweight, twin-engine utility helicopter. It features an interchangeable mission pod allowing the use of various payload configurations.

The joint venture agreement on Ka-226T helicopters was signed by Russia and India in October 2016. According to it, 200 helicopters are to be supplied to India within nine years, with 60 vehicles to be manufactured in Russia, and the other 140 in India.

The agreement also stipulates maintenance, operation, repair and technical assistance of the helicopters.