*This project is development behind the scenes.

We need YOUR help in developing and maintaining this section of DT, please contact us by email or at forums if you would like to help us out with this section (adding info about weapons, etc). Thank You!

Here you will find info and specs on equipment used by world militaries… the database is based on logical sections/categories and sub-sections/sub-categories:

  1. Air Systems
    1. Fighters
      1. F-16 <links to the actual page where info is for F-16.
      2. F-18
      3. EuroFighter
      4. Su-30
      5. etc.
    2. Bombers
      1. B-1
      2. B-52
      3. Other
    3. Transport
    4. Attack
    5. Trainers
    6. Rotary / Helicopters
    7. X-Planes
    8. Spcial / Other
  2. Land Systems
    1. Tanks
      1. Abrams
      2. Leopord
    2. Artillery
    3. Armored Vehicles
    4. Anti-tank Weapons
    5. Command and Support
    6. Anti-Aircraft
    7. Transport
    8. Special / Others
  3. Naval Systems
    1. Frigates
    2. Destroyers
    3. Amphibious Vessels
    4. Missile Boats
    5. Submarines
    6. Patrol Vessels
    7. Aircraft Carriers
    8. Special / Other
  4. Missile Systems
    1. Surface-to-Surface Missiles
    2. Surface-to-Air Missiles
    3. Air-to-Air Missiles
    4. Air-to-Surface Missiles
    5. Naval Missiles
It follows the same organization layout that our Gallery follows.

Its easy to navigate and includes features such as:

Email-a-friend and Print-format for every story and article, including articles in PDF format for easy printing.

NOTE: We are still working on this section of Defencetalk.com. If you have used any of the military equipment and know something about it or would like to contribute to this section through your own experience in the military or through other means please contact us.