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Rumsfeld Takes More Friendly Fire

Inter Press Service, The right-wing coalition that powered the United States into Iraq earlier this year appears in ever greater disarray amid increasingly heated complaints by friends, as well as foes, that the US occupation is not going well at […]

Iraq 'faces severe health crisis'


US goods set to double in price as Europe plans huge trade war

The Independent, American jeans, Florida orange juice and dozens of other US products could double in price from next month because of a growing transatlantic trade war. The World Trade Organisation gave the European Union permission yesterday to impose huge […]

Iraq's new million-strong army of single women

People’s Daily, Iraq, whose once fourth largest army in the world had been demobilized by the US occupation authorities, has now a new million-strong army — but of spinsters. Iraq, whose once fourth largest army in the world had been […]

Thoughts of Palestine

Cavalier Daily ,

Former Archbishop of Canterbury talks of Islam, West

Daily Princetonian , The rift between Islam and the Western world calls for dialogue, friendship and compromise, said Lord George Carey of Clifton, former Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the Anglican Church. Carey spoke in Whig Hall last night […]

Let Muslims determine what is

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To come unseen: special forces delivery from submarines


America Must Address Pakistan's Interests

AOPP, Pakistan has perhaps taken more risks than any other nation in America war on terror. Yet it remains most insecure about its relations with Washington. In fact Pakistan extensive and risky cooperation with the US has done little to […]

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