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Chinese, Pakistani presidents in first summit talks

AFP, BEIJING (AFP) Nov 03, 2003-Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf was holding his first summit with China's new leaders Monday, hoping to finalise a deal under which Beijing will assist Islamabad in constructing a nuclear power plant.The nuclear neighbours already have […]

Fighting erupts in Liberia

Sunday Times, REBELS have overrun a string of towns and villages in northeastern Liberia on the border with Ivory Coast, leaving scores of people killed or wounded, the defence ministry said today. The rebels are also setting fire to villages […]

Russian Military Environmentalists Sound The Alarm

Pravda, Lieutenant-General Alevtin Yunak, chief of the Environmental Security Department of the Russian Armed Forces, is in charge of the environmental protection of Russian army and navy facilities and the decontamination of testing grounds, firing ranges, airfields, and the storage […]

Arab Parliamentary Union: the Whole Arab Homeland is Syria statement

Arabnews, The 44th urgent session of the Arab Parliamentary Union Council concluded its deliberations in Syria on Sunday under the motto of “the Whole Arab Homeland is Syria.” In a final statement, the Council expressed strong condemnation over the latest […]

Iraq Copter Shooting Kills 16 U.S. Troops

AP, FALLUJAH, Iraq – Targeting Americans with new audacity, insurgents hiding in a date palm grove shot down a Chinook helicopter carrying dozens of soldiers heading for home leave Sunday, killing 16 and wounding 20 in the deadliest strike against […]

Blueprint for a Mess


The Revolution Was Not Televised

, There was a large anti-war rally in Washington last week. The standard slogans were on display for all to see: Impeach Bush, Bring The Troops Home, No Blood For Oil. On the periphery of the protest stood a few […]

Rebel war spirals out of control as US intelligence loses the plot

The Observer , The ghosts of Vietnam are returning as Baathists, zealots, criminals, tribal leaders and al Qaeda unite in a deadly alliance of hatred. Special report by Peter Beaumont in London and Patrick Graham in Baghdad Sharp disagreements are […]

Occupation, Violence and Moral Amnesia

Arabnews, WASHINGTON, 2 November 2003

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