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U.S. assesses global troop deployment

National Post, For the first time since the end of the Second World War, U.S. military planners are conducting a sweeping reassessment of how and where the Pentagon bases its troops. In a post-Cold War world filled with rogue states, […]

U.S. wants NATO force for Afghanistan

The London Free Press, Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld would like the primary role to change hands. BRUSSELS — The United States would like NATO eventually to take over the military mission in Afghanistan, where an American-dominated force is still hunting […]

The Neo-Imperialists


Nato to discuss EU defence plans


India, Brazil sign defence cooperation deal

PTI, New Delhi, Dec. 1: Close on the heels of a major defence deal for the sale to New Delhi of six Embarer executive jets, India and Brazil today signed a wide-ranging defence cooperation deal to explore possibilities of cooperating […]

''Parallels Between U.S. Occupation of Iraq and U.S. Involvement in Vietnam''


Iraqis express cynicism at Bush's 150-minute visit


Imperial folly: on landing in "Baghdad"


Kofi Annan says Israeli 'wall' puts peace at risk

The Independent, Israel has swatted aside a formal complaint by the UN secretary general, Kofi Annan, over its refusal to halt construction of a wall that cuts deep into the West Bank and slices through Palestinian neighbourhoods of East Jerusalem. […]

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