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The US military: A creeping civilian mission


Islam's Role in Interim Government of Iraq Debated


Arms race fear over 'star wars'

The Age, Australia's plan to join the United States missile defence shield has raised strong objections from China, which believes the plan could spark a new arms race. Diplomatic sources confirmed that Beijing was upset by the plans when briefed […]

Australian missile defence plan may cause regional uncertainty: Indonesia

AFP, JAKARTA, : Australia's decision to take part in the controversial US program to develop a missile defence shield could create uncertainty in the region, Indonesia's foreign ministry said on Friday. Spokesman Marty Natalegawa said Jakarta's view at present was […]

Gripen Successfully Flies with Taurus Missile

Gripen International, Gripen has achieved another significant milestone in its weapons release programme with the successful carriage of the Taurus long range stand-off missile (LRSOM). On Thursday the 20th of November, Saab's Gripen test aircraft 39.208, made a captive flight […]

Spanish Navy Commissions Second Aegis-Equipped Frigate

Lockheed Martin, MOORESTOWN, N.J. — The Spanish Navy commissioned its second F100-class frigate equipped with the Lockheed Martin- developed Aegis Weapon System on Dec. 3 during a ceremony at the IZAR shipyard in Ferrol, Spain. The ship, Almirante Juan de […]

Indonesia negotiating purchase of four warships with the Netherlands

AFP, Indonesia is negotiating the possible purchase of four warships from the Netherlands, its navy chief said on Friday. “If in the negotiations we fail to agree (on the price), we will look for other suppliers,” Admiral Bernard Kent Sondakh […]

Reconciliation is Possible – Can It Ever Really End?, The world has finally come to its collective senses by explicitly acknowledging that Israel's 37-year military occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem must come to an abrupt end in order for peace in the Middle […]

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