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Vietnam To Buy Indian Weaponry Under Defense Accord

DefenseNews, As part of its effort to increase military alliances in Southeast Asia, India on Nov. 17 agreed to supply a wide range of weaponry to Vietnam. During a delegate-level meeting here, New Delhi agreed to supply Vietnam with an […]

Eurofighter May Be Prime Contractor for Typhoon Fighter Jet

DefenseNews, Eurofighter GmbH will be given greater power to control development and production of the Typhoon fighter if a deal agreed to by shareholders is approved by the British, German, Italian and Spanish governments. Rome-based Alenia Aeronautica, London-based BAE SYSTEMS […]

US wants military "staging post" in northern Australia: report

AFP, SYDNEY (AFP) Nov 18, 2003 – The United States wants to set up a defence “staging post” in northern Australia that would house large amounts of military hardware, it was reported here Tuesday. The Sydney Morning Herald quoted US […]

MoST To Set Up National Institute Of Avionics

PNS, ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Nov 18 (PNS)

EU to create new defence body


Internalizing defeat: How Zionism planned to "finish the job" and why the right of return is so important

Media Monitors Network, The New York Times is willing occasionally to publish letters to the editor that speak about the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. But editors meticulously screen out any discussion of the refugees, Israel's apartheid […]

THE NEOCONS ARE LOSING, As George W. Bush gets ready to hightail it out of Iraq

Hold the Neocons Accountable, Will neoconservatives be held responsible for orchestrating a war in order to pursue their Middle Eastern agenda? Will they get away with inflicting death and injury on thousands of Iraqis and Americans? Powerful people have good reasons to hold […]

News Analysis: Vow to shift power is a gamble for Bush

New York Times, WASHINGTON The announcement of a firm date to create an interim Iraqi government and end the formal U.S. occupation – though not its military presence – promises the Iraqis the sovereignty they have clamored for, and it […]

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