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Britain Opens Nuclear Missile Debate

AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, Britain opened an inquiry into replacing its ageing nuclear weaponry on March 14 with some participants warning it could be too expensive

Compact Kinetic Energy Missile Test Successful

Lockheed Martin, DALLAS: Two tests of Lockheed Martin's Compact Kinetic Energy Missile (CKEM) were successfully conducted at Aerojet Corporation and ATK Tactical Systems Company.  These tests marked major milestones in the CKEM Advanced Technology Demonstration (ATD) program. All test objectives […]

North Korea, Iran Pose Missile Threat to U.S., General Says

US Department of Defense, WASHINGTON: The proliferation of ballistic missile technology threatens the security of the United States, the director of the Missile Defense Agency said here yesterday.   Testifying before the House Armed Services Committee, Air Force Lt. Gen. Henry […]

Japan Emerges as America's Largest Missile Defense Partner

US State Department, WASHINGTON: As the United States pursues a layered defense against ballistic missiles attacks, Japan has emerged as its most significant international partner, says Air Force Lieutenant General Henry

Flawed missile war game

United Press International, WASHINGTON, DC, United States: The addled thinking of the Pentagon`s Missile Defense Agency was on full display in late January when MDA officials conducted a missile defense war game on Capitol Hill. In this war game, Midland, […]

OmniSeeker Missile Detection And Tracking System Developed

Technest Holdings, Boston MA: Technest Holdings has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Genex Technologies has successfully developed and demonstrated a working prototype for a missile detection and tracking system called the OmniSeeker. Dr. Joe Mackin, President of Technest Holdings, […]

Next Generation Cruise Missile Meets Warfighter Needs

US Air Force, Eglin AFB FL: Since the late 1970s the Department of Defense has tried and failed numerous times to give the warfighter an affordable standoff cruise missile capable of taking out the enemy's air defenses early on in […]

Conventional Missile System to Provide Diverse, Rapid Capabilities

US Department of Defense, WASHINGTON: The conventional “Trident” missile program the Pentagon will ask Congress to fund is part of a larger strategy to better address diverse threats facing the United States and will further the country's defense goals, a […]

Japan Hails Interceptor Missile Test with U.S.

AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, Japan hailed on March 9 the successful testing of an interceptor missile being researched with the United States, saying that development should now go ahead.

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