Alenia North America, a subsidiary of Alenia Aeronautica and part of the Finmeccanica group, announced that it had delivered the 10th of 20 C-27/G-222 aircraft to the Afghanistan Air Force (AAF). This plane had been used for pilot training and is now being deployed to Kabul to conduct mission operations with the AAF.

The Afghanistan Air Force is operating the C-27/G-222 to provide airlift transport capability to the country and its air force. The C-27/G-222 program is the backbone of Afganistan’s reconstituted Air Force.

Alenia North America is proud to be a part of this program and is fully committed to its success”, said John H. Young, Jr., chief executive officer of Alenia North America. “The C-27/G-222 is perfectly suited to the needs of the AAF as they work to build their forces.”

Alenia North America is also under contract by the United States Air Force to provide training of pilots, loadmasters and maintenance personnel on the C-27/G-222 for the AAF. To date, 48 U.S. Air Force Advisors have been trained using the C-27/G-222 aircraft. Training is ongoing with the additional pilots, loadmasters and maintenance personnel.

The AAF C-27/G-222 fleet has flown over 2,000 hours. The missions have been dedicated to providing humanitarian aid, MEDEVAC and security to the country and its population.

About the C-27/G-222 AAF Program

Alenia North America is under contract with the United States Air Force to supply 20 refurbished C-27/G-222 aircraft for the AAF. The refurbished aircraft are in use by the Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan and will be transferred by the NATO Air Training Command-Afghanistan in Kabul to the reconstituted AAF.

Alenia North America, as prime contractor, is responsible for program management & management of logistics support while the aircraft are being refurbished and modernized by its parent company Alenia Aeronautica in its Capodichino facility near Naples, Italy. Training for air advisors is also being conducted at Alenia Aeronautica’s Capodichino facility.