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B-1 Bomber & F 22 Raptor Refuel During ISIS Airstrikes

B-1 Bomber & F 22 Raptor Refuel During ISIS Airstrikes

We post videos from all of the US military branches, and NATO. Breaking news stories, stories from the theater of war, and stories from all of our military are posted here several times a week and sometimes daily.

Myanmar declares emergency in war-torn region as fighting rages

People displaced by the fighting in Burma's Laukai approach a rescue convoy

Myanmar on Tuesday declared a state of emergency in a conflict-torn border region, where ferocious fighting between the army and ethnic rebels has sent thousands fleeing airstrikes and fierce gun battles. Civilians have come under fire in the deadly clashes […]

Canada cost of fighting IS group tops $100 mln

Canada cost of fighting IS group tops $100 mln

The cost of Canada’s six-month bombing mission against the Islamic State group in Iraq was estimated at more than $100 million, according to officials Tuesday. The independent parliamentary budget office put the tally at Can$128.8 million (US$103.8 million) to Can$166.40 […]

Egypt Strikes IS Group Targets in Libya

F-16D Egypt

Cairo has carried out air strikes against Islamic State group targets in Libya after the jihadists posted a video showing the beheadings of 21 Egyptian Christians. Egypt said a “tough intervention” was needed and with France called on the UN […]

Libya raids turn Egypt’s Sisi into key anti-IS ally

Egypt's Sisi

By targeting the Islamic State group with air strikes in Libya, Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, having crushed Islamist opponents at home, has become a key ally of the West against jihadists, experts say. His warplanes bombed IS camps and […]

Poland to spend billions on defence amid rumblings of war in Europe

Poland to spend billions on defence amid rumblings of war in Europe

Looking east to the bloody conflict gripping Ukraine, NATO-member Poland has kicked off an unprecedented military spending spree worth billions to overhaul its forces as Warsaw believes peace in Europe is no longer a given. The escalation of tensions with […]

Ukraine military ‘unsuited’ to current conflict: study

Ukraine military ‘unsuited’ to current conflict: study

Ukraine’s military is “unsuited” to the current conflict against pro-Russian separatists and needs more armored vehicles and artillery rockets, a British defence think tank said on Wednesday. Regularizing volunteer battalions that have played a key role in the fighting will […]

Syria rejects foreign ground troops to fight IS

ISIS Militants

Syria will not allow foreign ground troops on its territory to fight the Islamic State group, Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem said on Monday. Speaking at a news conference in Damascus, Muallem also said Jordan had not responded to a Syrian […]

UAE warplane squadron lands in Jordan to back strikes on IS

UAE F-16F Block 60 fighter aircraft

A squadron of warplanes from the United Arab Emirates arrived Sunday in Jordan to help the kingdom in its fight against the Islamic State group, state media reported. The F-16 fighter jets were deployed at a Jordanian air base along […]

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