M+M listened to us and their customers and made some changes to the M10X Elite for 2016. The rifle will now feature a feature a folding stock mechanism, an internal dust cover similar to the Sig 550 series rifles and a 5/8X24RH threaded muzzle for all standard .30 caliber muzzle devices and suppressors. These guys have been great to work with and we are excited to see the further improvement of this very awesome platform. More coverage coming throughout the day, stay tuned.


  1. Did they change the price to below $1500? Didn’t think so. I’ll stick with
    an Arsenal SAM7SF 😉

    Thanks for the video and coverage of Shot Show 2016 !!! Boba Fett rocks!

  2. The 7.62×39 was originally designed to be shot out of a 20 inch barrel.
    That’s why it’s starts dropping quick at the 200 yard mark. AKs would have
    been standard 20 inch if it weren’t for cost. So anything with a longer
    barrel with that round is a definite plus.

  3. With that Zhukov folder, now we are talking. I will be buying one of these
    to add to my AK variant collection.

  4. I don’t get it, why buy an AK any more. If CMMG makes the Mutant witch is
    by far more superior to an AK. Trust me guy’s one of the reasons we kill
    all our current enemies is because of the AK and they suck.

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