After seeing the new x-95 Bullpup we had to check out the new 7.62 NATO Galil ACE rifle. Pretty awesome setup here, can’t wait to see these on the market.

  • jeremy beverly

    Smart, they took galils and added plastic adapters.

  • TheDigitalDungeon

    I like it!

  • ZA_Survivalist

    That stock looks clunky as fuck.

  • Nolan Lewis


  • Anthony Parente

    Call of duty and real firearms fanatic.. Just saying black ops 3 should
    have brought back the galil

  • tolkus53

    I want that with a 6.5 creedmor barrel at 20″.

  • The Red Rifleman

    These videos are making me put so many more guns on my “Wanted Guns” list
    haha. Keep up the good work, pal!

  • Robert Rivera

    The way that dust cover works is very cool!

  • Cat418

    One thing all the world can agree on, the Israelis make some kick-ass

  • G14LLAMA

    whos the blonde that walked by?