Over at the American Tactical booth we checked out a very cool 9mm AR-15 that accepts Glock magazines for not a lot of money, The carbine and pistol are coming in under the $700 mark street price. Very cool option for anyone looking for a cool pistol caliber carbine at a “budget” price.


  1. An AR in 9mm is just ridiculous to begin with. An AR was designed for a
    RIFLE round, not a pistol round. If you want a gun the the ATF requires to
    be classified as a pistol but is way oversized than a normal pistol in 9mm,
    then get and MP5 clone or variant. It is a proven gun design that has
    changed very little over the past 50 years and was designed around the
    pistol round. Or if you want a classified rifle using a pistol round then
    get a Thompson in .45 acp. Again it was designed around the pistol round.
    Re-designing a RIFLE to accommodate a PISTOL bullet just isn’t practical.

  2. No BHO is a deal breaker for me. I suspect Glock mags are going to become
    the industry standard for pistol caliber carbines and such.

  3. I don’t know why you would but a pistol like this… you could buy a glock
    17L get a longer barrel, same capacity, smaller more usable package for
    less money

  4. You know if Beretta or Sig or Ruger or S&W were making 33 round mags as
    much as Glock, I’d bet more gun designs wouldn’t be so Glock friendly. The
    Sub 2000 is a perfect example. While it is made to fit either Glock,
    Beretta or S&W mags, more people simply by the Glock version so they can
    have a 33 round mag.

  5. eric I’ve been wanting to buy a mosin nagant how much should I pay for a
    91/30 how much should I pay for a m44??

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