India’s Long Range Ballistic Missile -Agni 5- capable of delivering warhead with high precision- was successfully launched today in a repeat of spectacular maiden launch last year.

A symbol of DRDO’s technological excellence and India’s strength, the missile took off majestically at 0850 hrs from DRDO’s Launch Complex at Wheeler’s Island, off the coast of Odisha, flew on a pre-defined path and reached its destination with expected precision.

The missile, powered by three stage solid rocket motors had a flawless, spectacular launch in auto mode and followed its entire trajectory in textbook manner, dropping the three motors at pre-defined stages into the ocean. The ships located in mid-range and at the target point tracked the Vehicle and witnessed the final event. All the radars and electro-optical systems- ship based and those based on ground stations along the path- monitored the performance parameters of the Missile and displayed information on real time.

All the systems and subsystems of the missile including the launch system, navigation system, control systems, rocket motors and the re-entry package performed well. The navigation systems, very high accuracy Ring Laser Gyro based Inertial Navigation System (RINS) and the most modern and accurate Micro Navigation System (MINS) ensured the Missile reach the target point within a few meters of accuracy. The high speed onboard computer and fault tolerant software along with robust and reliable bus guided the Missile flawlessly.

A major milestone, this second successful test of Agni 5 has demonstrated the maturity, repeatability and robustness of the system, paving the way for initiation of productionisation and subsequent induction. The launch also clears the way for its canisterisation. The Agni 5 missile, in its operational form is designed to be stored and launched from the canister, enhancing its storage, operational readiness, transportability, response time and shelf life.

The Strategic Force Command team along with its top brass was present during all the operations to get acquainted with the system and trained.

The Defence Minister Shri AK Antony congratulated the DRDO Chief Shri Avinash Chander and his team of scientists for the successful second test flight of Agni-5 ballistic missile. In a message, Shri Antony said today’s success reinforces the capability of Indian defence scientists in designing complex missile systems.

National Security Advisor (NSA) Shri Shiv Shankar Menon congratulated DRDO Scientists and said that the event is ‘a milestone in the long range missile era of India’.

Shri Avinash Chander, SA TO RM and Secretary Department of Defence R&D guided the launch as well as prelaunch activities. Dr V.G. Sekaran, DG (MSS), C-in-C SFC, Dr Jayaraman, Director ASL, Dr Satish Reddy, Director RCI, Shri MVKV Prasad, Director ITR, Sri Guruprasad, Director R&DE Engineers Pune were present during the launch operations. Sri R.K. Gupta Project Director guided the team of Scientists and employees of DRDO during the launch activities.