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A Campaign to Rattle a Long-Ruling Dynasty


Bush's Economy: The Long, Hard Slog … For the "Little People"

AL-Jazeerah, We the People” are being swindled so viciously and ruthlessly by the Bush regime, the worst “administration” in our nation's history … that the public are “numbed-down” as well as “dumbed-down”, as to the horrific consequences that face us, […]

Thomas L. Friedman: The role of Iraqi dignity

NYT, WASHINGTON: If President George W. Bush wants to get a better handle on the problems he's facing in Iraq and the West Bank, I suggest he study the speech made Oct. 16 by Malaysia's departing prime minister, Mahathir bin […]

Riyadh: a new front against US

The Independent, America's fortunes in the Gulf were in free-fall yesterday after a suicide bombing in Riyadh late on Saturday that appeared to be aimed at undermining the Saudi monarchy, the United States' key ally in the region. No one […]

The evangelicals who like to giftwrap Islamophobia

The Guardian , It all sounds innocent enough. Operation Christmas Child “is a unique ministry that brings Christmas joy, packed in gift-filled shoeboxes, to children around the world”. Over the past 10 years, 24 million shoeboxes have been delivered, making […]

The US media could learn from al-Jazeera

The Age, Al-Jazeera, the Arab-language cable TV news service, has just celebrated its seventh birthday. I was there to witness it. I had met three al-Jazeera staff at an international media conference in Dublin, where they had debated the international […]

Eliminating misconceptions of Islam

Iowa State Daily, The Muslim Student Association hopes to shatter misconceptions about Islam this week when it hosts Islam Awareness Week. “[Islam] is the second largest religion, and it is also a misunderstood religion,” said Saddam Khattak, president of the […]

India tests supersonic cruise anti-ship missile

AFP, BHUBANESWAR, India (AFP) Nov 09, 2003-India Sunday successfully tested a supersonic cruise anti-ship missile, it is jointly developing with Russia, from a launch site in the eastern state of Orissa, defence officials said. The Brahmos missile has a range […]

Eurofighter Making Way For UAVs/UCAVs?

Telegraph Group Limited, The United Kingdom

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