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Fear and loathing in Russia and Georgia

Daily Times, Despite frequent accusations to the contrary, Georgia

Crying Wolf On Terrorism?

CBS, (CBS) Concerned with terrorism threats in the air and on the ground, the British government delayed a London-to-Washington flight for three hours

The Search for Iraqi WMD Has Become a Public Joke

Arabnews, WASHINGTON, 5 January 2004


AFP, The hi-tech wizardry of the U.S. Army

India to Test Longer-Range Agni Ballistic Missile

AFP, India will test its longer-range Agni ballistic missile in the next few months, newspapers here reported Jan. 1.

India, Russia Clear Decks for Sale of Admiral Gorshkov

PTI, NEW DELHI — After weeks of hard negotiations, India has cleared the acquisition of the 45,000 ton aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov from Russia.   

Lockheed Martin, Israel Mark F-16I First Flight

Lockheed Martin, FORT WORTH, TX. — Lockheed Martin today completed a successful first flight of the F-16I, an Advanced Block 52 F-16 variant built for Israel.   The F-16 flew for 55 minutes and landed safely at the Lockheed Martin facility. […]

Harrier Proves its Capabilities, Endurance Through 30 Years of Service

US Marine Corps, CHICAGO — With the pull of a lever, 23,000 pounds of thrust slows the forty-seven foot long aircraft to a complete halt over the Lake Michigan shoreline, floating a stones throw away from a crowd boasting more […]

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