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US to spend $401bn on defence

, Washington – The US Congress approved on Wednesday a $401bn defence bill for the 2004 fiscal year, increasing military spending by about $8bn over current levels. The Senate gave final approval to the measure in a vote of 95 […]

Bremer Meets With Bush Advisers on Iraq

AP, WASHINGTON (AP) – Frustrated with the U.S.-picked Iraqi Governing Council, President Bush's national security advisers questioned the top American administrator in Iraq on Tuesday about how to break a political logjam in Baghdad and speed planning for the nation's […]

'I'm Waiting for My Destiny'


US wants ban on protests during Bush visit

The Independent, Anti-war protesters claim that US authorities have demanded a rolling “exclusion zone” around President George Bush during his visit, as well as a ban on marches in parts of central London. The Stop The War Coalition said yesterday […]

Israel's Wall Sparks Worldwide Protests

OneWorld/, The world's best-known human rights organization, Amnesty International, added its voice to worldwide protests this weekend against Israel's construction of a barrier throughout the occupied West Bank that it says is designed to prevent the infiltration of Palestinian suicide […]

No US escape from Iraq trap

Asia Times, KARACHI – With every passing week, the situation in Afghanistan and Iraq becomes more testing for the United States as the respective guerrilla wars in those countries escalate, yet Washington has very different approaches to dealing with them. […]

Afghan recovery is in peril, UN says

NYT, UNITED NATIONS Terrorism, drug-related crime and factional fighting in Afghanistan threaten to reverse advances in the reconstruction of the country and jeopardize the efforts to establish a democratically elected government, Germany's ambassador to the United Nations told the Security […]

PURPLE PATCH: Democracy and Religion

Daily Times, In the opinion of believers, justice is at once a prerequisite for and a requirement of religious rules. A rule that is not just is not religious. Justice, in turn, aims to fulfill needs, attain rights, and eliminate […]

Iraq Spins Out of Control

LA Weekly, It's the Islamic world that celebrates the just-initiated holy month of Ramadan – but it's George W. Bush who better start praying. Maybe we all should. The conservative spin machine and its White House engineers can whine and […]

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