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From Defence Procurement Agency to armasuisse

armasuisse, A new name, a new corporate identity and new structures: Since 1 January 2004 the former Defence Procurement Agency operates under its new name armasuisse. armasuisse is the Procurement and Technology Center of the DDPS. With its around 1000 […]

Air Force Official Evaluates Lockheed Sniper Pod During Flight Test

Lockheed Martin, ORLANDO, Fla. — The U.S. Air Force recently conducted a successful flight demonstration of the Lockheed Martin Sniper XR Advanced Targeting Pod for Gen. Hal M. Hornburg, Commander, Air Combat Command.   The 422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron (TES), […]

A strange thing happened on the way to the war.


How about us? French Sikhs ask

The New York Times, Exemption saought on head coverings   BOBIGNY, France: No one, it seems, thought about the Sikhs and their turbans.   As part of a struggle to separate religion from the state, France is poised to pass […]

American terrorist

newstatesman, Forget Hutton. He will not reveal what the US and UK authorities really don't want you to know: that radiation illnesses caused by uranium weapons are now common in Iraq.  The disaster in Iraq is rotting the Blairite establishment. Blair […]

'An End to Evil': Neocon Middle East agenda

The Daily Star , Perle-Frum book updates neocon ME agenda Authors urge washington to abandon plans for palestinian state An End to Evil espouses extreme, hard-line views of key US neoconservatives to reform,

Bush was demanding excuse to invade Iraq in January 2001, says ex-treasury secretary

The Independent, The Bush administration started making detailed plans for the invasion of Iraq within days of coming to office, with the President himself anxious to find a pretext to overthrow Saddam Hussein, a high-ranking former cabinet member said yesterday. […]

Blair: I do not know if Iraq had WMDs

The Scotsman, Tony Blair admitted on the BBC's Breakfast With Frost programme that he did not know whether Iraq had any WMDs Key points

Military gives close-up look at latest jet technology

CentreDaily, LANGLEY AIR FORCE BASE, Va. – Lt. Col. Dave Rose has blasted a Russian-made MiG jet fighter out of the sky with an F-15, and he's piloted the Eagle through a thicket of ground-to-air missiles over enemy territory. The […]

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