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Up-to-date gun-firing ship for Russia's navy to be built in St. Petersburg

RIAN, A most up-to-date gun-firing ship of 500 tons displacement will be laid down for Russia's Navy at the Almaz ship-building firm in Petersburg on Friday, January 30. As the company's press service reported, Commander-in-Chief of Russia's Navy Vladimir Kuroyedov […]

Army plans its biggest deployment since WWII

Daily Press, The Army's Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, whose operations center is at Fort Eustis, is organizing the largest movement of U.S. troops and equipment since World War II. Over the next three months, elements of eight Army divisions […]

Israel Air Force changes its name

The Jerusalem Post, The Israel Air Force has changed its name, but no one seems to know about it. In a meeting held recently it was decided to change the name to the Israel Air and Space Force, following years […]


AFP, ISLAMABAD – A former Pakistani army chief denied on Friday accusations that he had approved the alleged sale of nuclear weapons expertise and technology to Iran and Libya by Pakistan

France Faces $600 Million Fine over Frigate Sale: Judicial Report

France Faces $600 Million Fine over Frigate Sale: Judicial Report

AFP, France could be made to pay $600 million (476 million euros) in fines to the government of Taiwan because of illegal commissions that massively inflated the price of warships sold to Taipei in 1991, according to an official report […]

A trap is laid for Pakistan

Palvasha von Hassell , What is to be made of Pakistan

Briton to set up European defence agency

AFP, A Briton has been chosen to set up a new defence agency aimed at streamlining and sharpening the European Union's military capacity, the EU announced on Wednesday. Nick Whitney, currently responsible for international security policy within Britain's Ministry of […]

''Division of Iraq Would Likely Breed Regional Instability''


Bush act starts to wear thin

The Star, It is unrealistic to expect total honesty from politicians. Their partisanship guarantees self-praise and self-serving arguments. Still, citizens expect them to operate within reasonable rhetorical limits. In the case of the president of the United States, whose constituency […]

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