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Selective Memory and a Dishonest Doctrine

Toronto Star, All people who have any concern for human rights, justice and integrity should be overjoyed by the capture of Saddam Hussein, and should be awaiting a fair trial for him by an international tribunal. An indictment of Saddam's […]

Recipe for Violence

Arabnews, When Ariel Sharon declared that, should there be no progress along the road map, he would go it alone and declare a unilateral settlement, there were immediate fears of more violence. Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qorei has since said […]

If Libya can do it, why not Israel?

The Guardian, We can no longer turn a blind eye to the fifth largest nuclear power There's a logic to these things. Muammar Gadafy, growing older, and his isolated Libya, growing poorer, were getting nothing worthwhile from the atomic bomb […]

Iran and Syria are next to feel the heat


UK Defence White Paper 2003


Russia inaugurates fourth Topol-M ballistic missile regiment

AFP, Russia put on active duty Sunday a fourth regiment equipped with the new generation Topol-M intercontinental ballistic missile as its defence minister reiterated that nuclear capability was a core element of national security. The regiment, which has six Topol-M […]

Israeli defence head in India for talks on military cooperation

AFP, The director general of the Israeli defence ministry held talks Monday with Indian officials on arms procurement and other cooperation, an Indian defence ministry source said. Major General Amos Yaron met with the chiefs of the Indian army, air […]

Japan to Deploy US-Made Missile Defense System

Voice of America News, TOKYO — The Japanese government has announced plans to deploy a U.S.-made missile defense system, and to work with the United States to develop the system further. The decision is in response to growing fears about […]

First MK 41 Launcher Delivered to Norwegian Navy

Lockheed Martin, BALTIMORE — Lockheed Martin recently delivered the first MK 41 Vertical Launching System (VLS) module for installation aboard the Royal Norwegian Navy

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