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The Iraq tragedy: It's too late for the UN to help much


Islam no bar to economic growth, says US study

Financial Times, There is no evidence that Islam restricts economic growth, according to new research that casts doubt on the widely-held belief that Muslim societies are intrinsically less conducive to capitalism than those dominated by other religions. The study, by […]

China's 'Peaceful Rise' overshadowing US influence in Asia?


Anti-war parents of American soldiers brave hostility at home to see the real story in Iraq

Independent Digital , It must be strange to be Anthony Lopercio of the US Army's 82nd Airborne Division. The 23-year-old private has been dispatched to Fallujah to stand in the front line on what is, for any American, one of […]

Bout of Violence Rattles Afghans


The losing battle for Iraqi hearts and minds


Details of US Military Aid to Uganda Revealed

Kampala , Details of the United States military support to Uganda are out. But the assistance does not include spy signals or field military operations. “The US resumed a small military assistance programme with the Government of Uganda in September […]

U.S. Navy Contracts Indra for a Harrier Simulator for 8M

Indra, The US Navy has contracted Indra, through its American subsidiary Indra Systems, for the development of a new simulator of the vertical take-off and landing aircraft the Harrier AV-8B+ for pilot training, the contract amounting to almost 8 million […]

4 Nations Pursue JPO to Manage Harrier II Fleet

Boeing Co, ST. LOUIS — During the final delivery ceremony, celebrating the success of the Boeing Harrier II production program here today, the United States, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom pledged to pursue a joint initiative to mutually advance […]

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