Probably the best semi-auto combat shotgun I've ever shot. For its versatility with loads, the FN SLP to me sets the standard of a fighting SA scattergun. Unlike the Benellis, it functions near perfectly on low base practice rounds. With a Browning designed self-adjusting gas system, the SLP then steps up to full power buck and slugs even with the light (red) piston installed! I've seen no others that can do that without lots of tinkering. Add in this LONG TERM test, this gun was left out in the elements for a period of time and shrugged it off. With chrome lined bore and chamber and mil-spec coatings, the SLP is Glock tough (a gun it was often is was often paired with in the Nutnfancy Run N Guns shown!). FN SLP Mark 1 is the test bed for this Nutnfancy review and my most recommended version; smaller statured folks might want to go with the SLP Standard with 18" barrel. But I welcome and need the 8+1 capacity of the Mark 1 and you might too. Other ergos are excellent: perfectly designed and checkered conventional stock, no finger biting noted on the loading gate, big positive safety button, nice charging handle, useful cantilever rail with fiber optio front sight, and decent trigger. It is rightly a favorite of the Three Gun community, competing with Benelli as the go to shotgun of those competitions. But unless you can afford the shoulder battering and expensive high base shotgun ammo to get good, go with the SLP. Cycling speed is simply outstanding (shown) and on par or <b>…</b>