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AC-130 Above!Tribute to The Spectre, The Angel of Death, the amazing AC-130 Gunship. The song is called AC-130 by Attack Attack! I do not own the ri...

AC-130 Gunship is the Most Overworked WeaponThe 40-year-old AC-130 is probably the most overworked piece of equipment in the US arsenal. David Marti...

GI JOE AC-130 GUNSHIP... NEW HOLY GRAIL!!!No, not Hasbro but TRU HEROES AB-115 SHARK is a completely fake name for this Plane... This is a AC-130 Gu...

Lego AC-130 GunshipLego AC-130 Gunship

AC-130 Gunship Mission (REAL)The Little White Dots Are People This Guy Blows Them To Shreads Want more Military Videos? Militaryvideos.net

AC-130 Spectre / Spooky GunshipThe Lockheed AC-130 gunship is a heavily-armed ground-attack aircraft variant of the C-130 Hercules transport plane. ...

AC-130 GUNSHIP FLY BYA Giant C-130J Hercules flys over a beach in Destin, Florida.

Lockheed AC-130 Gunship USAF FSX Demonstrationjust a quick look at c-130

Ac-130 gunship strikes taliban Part 4Madness Part 4

AC-130 Gunship DocumentaryAC-130