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Strategic investment strengthens EADS presence in China

, . EADS to take a stake in AviChina for up to E 30 million . AviChina and EADS sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement EADS, the second largest aerospace and defence company in the world, will subscribe for five percent […]

Nukes, subs, and (not so) black ops

Asia Times, In its October 11-12 weekend editions, the Los Angeles Times – with much fanfare – carried a 16-month old story: that Israel had modified three diesel submarines acquired from Germany and US-supplied Harpoon-type cruise missiles to give it […]

North Korea Test-Fires Anti-Ship Missile

AP, SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea test-fired an anti-ship missile off its east coast Monday as part of its annual military exercise, South Korean military officials said. The Office of South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff declined to further […]

Pak goes shopping in China

Times of India, NEW DELHI: Pakistan may soon acquire Chinese made 'AWACS killer' to counter the Indo-Israel Phalcon Airborne Early Warning Systems, defence experts have claimed. The FT-2000 surface-to-air missile (SAM), commonly known as 'AWACS killer', designed by Chinese experts […]

Thales seeks British help to win French aircraft carrier project

AFP, The French electronics group Thales is hoping for British help to win a contract to build France's second aircraft carrier. The race is already heating up for the contract authorized in 2003-2008 defense legislation to build a “sister ship” […]

Bush gets UN vote, but no troops or money

SMH, President George Bush left the United States for Asia and Australia yesterday, with a United Nations Security Council resolution on Iraq in his pocket but no clear idea whether it would encourage other nations to make financial or military […]

Anti-empire forces strike back

Inter Press Services, WASHINGTON – Representatives of a new coalition of prominent foreign policy scholars and analysts whose political views range from right to center-left announced on Thursday that they hope to spearhead opposition to the imperial policies pursued by […]

Coalition faces problems over Turkish troops for Iraq

THE GUARDIAN, The US-British coalition in Iraq is running into problems over its attempt to bolster its forces with Turkish troops. Washington and London have been forced to rethink by the level of hostility generated in Iraq by the prospect […]

Report: Strategic psychological ops in Gulf War II


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