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States of war

The Guardian , The relationship between governments and those who seek favours from them has changed. Not long ago, lobbyists would visit politicians and bribe or threaten them until they got what they wanted. Today, ministers lobby the lobbyists. Whenever […]

Secular drift pulls Europe away from U.S.

IHT, ROME Like many Italians in decades and childhoods past, Giampaolo Servadio used to go to Roman Catholic Mass every week. He even served as an altar boy..But last Sunday morning, as church bells tolled around this city of storied […]

Israeli tanks return to torment Rafah

AL-Jazeerah, At least three Palestinians are reported hurt, one of them seriously, in the latest invasion of Rafah refugee camp in the south of the Gaza Strip. Israeli tanks and soldiers launched the new assault early Tuesday – hours after […]

Talks with Russia over Gorshkov deal almost complete: George

PTI, Negotiations with Russia on the acquisition of aircraft carrier Gorshkov are on the verge of completion and a final decision might be taken during the visit of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to that country next month, Union Defence […]


MENL, CAIRO [MENL] — Yemen has launched a campaign to sell Soviet-origin main battle tanks to clients in Africa. Industry sources said Yemen has reached an arrangement to serve as a middle man for T-72 tanks from Russia. They said […]

China begins high-tech training for senior military officers

People’s Daily, Senior officers from the People's Liberation Army (PLA) were grouped into a military academy Monday for high-tech training to enhance the PLA's high-tech ability, according to a report in the PLA Daily. Senior officers from the People's Liberation […]

NATO kicks off military exercise in Poland


Navy to conduct new round of military exercises today

Taiwan News, Taiwan's Navy will hold a new round of military exercises today in southern Taiwan, hoping to atone for a widely-criticized performance in last month's Han Kuang 19 exercises. Today's drills – dubbed Lien Hsing 90 – will concentrate […]

Pakistan Tests Third Shaheen-1 Missile

Pakistan Tests Third Shaheen-1 Missile

AP, The Pakistani military test-fired a mid-range missile on Tuesday that can fly 435 miles and hit many targets in India, the country's main rival. The launch was the last in a series of three tests this month, it said. […]

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