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France says nuclear defence strategy not changing, just context

AFP, PARIS (AFP) Oct 30, 2003-France's nuclear defense strategy has not changed since 2001 but the context in which it is applied has altered due to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the defense ministry said Thursday. “There is […]

Norway spends more on defence

Norway spends more on defence

NorwayPost, Within the NATO defence alliance, only the US spends more on defence per inhabitant than Norway. More Military Pictures This is shown by fresh figures from the Department of Finance. It time to make some cuts, says the Socialist […]

No evidence all Sea Kings have problem: military

No evidence all Sea Kings have problem: military

CBC, Sea Kings grounded (photo: Stephen Puddicombe) More Military Pictures HALIFAX– The air force hasn't grounded its fleet of Sea Kings, but none of the helicopters are flying unless they really have to, said a military spokesperson on Thursday. The […]

Afghanistan 'at the mercy of narco-terrorists'

The Guardian, Afghanistan risks degenerating into a state controlled by “narco-terrorists” and drug cartels unless the soaring level of opium and heroin production is curbed, the UN warned yesterday. Two years after US airpower and northern guerrillas drove the Taliban […]

Bush's Support For Sharon

Iviews, The level of hypocrisy, double-talk and the neo-Pharaonic display of might, practiced by the Bush (Jr.) Administration, is sufficient to make any decent, peace-loving person question his/her fundamental belief in the goodness of human nature. Truly, there is no […]

Ring of Fire

Southland Publishing, The wildfires of 2003 will go down as the most expensive blazes in California history and the deadliest in more than a decade. But some observers debate just how wild they were, and, if so, why we continue […]

Iran Demands Concessions From U.S.

NYT, TEHRAN, Oct. 29

The wrong Ayoub


Disentangling the US Iraq policy from its pro-Israel stand

Jordan Times, UNWILLING AND unable to admit that the resistance campaign in Iraq is being conducted by Iraqi patriots, the Bush administration continues to blame attacks on

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