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NATO reform hampered by defence policy discord: IISS report

AFP, LONDON : With key European powers split over Iraq, NATO must resolve differences on defence policy between its 19 members if reforms are going to work, the leading IISS security think tank said. “French and German opposition to US-led […]

Taiwan Navy Embarrassed After Missing Target Again

APF, Taiwan

Search for Help Delays India

DefenseNews, India

Indian Army: Our Edge Is Slipping

DefenseNews, Indian Army officials have asked the Defence Ministry for more money in the wake of a new calculation that shows India

The Veil and Secularism

, Today, the veil has taken an important role in the public appearance of Muslim women. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Islamic veil is one of the most visible symbols of Islamic revivalism. To say that […]

Israel: Nuclear neighborhood bully

Haaretz, The effectiveness and success of Israel's nuclear policy could be attributed to the high degree of responsibility and restraint exhibited by decision makers, even at times when the state faced threats that were deemed existential in nature. Even at […]

States of war

The Guardian , The relationship between governments and those who seek favours from them has changed. Not long ago, lobbyists would visit politicians and bribe or threaten them until they got what they wanted. Today, ministers lobby the lobbyists. Whenever […]

Secular drift pulls Europe away from U.S.

IHT, ROME Like many Italians in decades and childhoods past, Giampaolo Servadio used to go to Roman Catholic Mass every week. He even served as an altar boy..But last Sunday morning, as church bells tolled around this city of storied […]

Israeli tanks return to torment Rafah

AL-Jazeerah, At least three Palestinians are reported hurt, one of them seriously, in the latest invasion of Rafah refugee camp in the south of the Gaza Strip. Israeli tanks and soldiers launched the new assault early Tuesday – hours after […]

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