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Newsweek, Iraq, everyone agrees, is not Vietnam. In Vietnam the United States lost dozens of troops for every one it is losing in Iraq. The Viet Cong guerrillas had broad popular support. They were being supplied by great powers. And […]

LaRouche: 'Not a Nickel' To Sharon

Iviews, Washington, D.C. – Asked by an American Muslim newspaper journalist how he, as President, would “right the wrongs” of United States Mideast policy, Democratic candidate Lyndon LaRouche told his live and webcast audience, “As President, I'll have no problem […]

Resist the official pol-speak of Bush's 'war on terror'

The Guardian, Second world war posters warning that “careless talk costs lives” embodied an enduring truth. Then the fear was that fifth columnists might overhear conversations of value to the Nazis. Elsie: “Can you take the kids to the park?” […]

The west and Islam in Indonesia and the true jihad

The Jakarta Post , The most frequently asked question after Sept. 11, 2001 was: What were the reasons for so much hatred against the West among al-Qaeda and its followers? The answers have varied, depending on one's educational background, social […]

New Super Seasprite Helicopter in Sydney for Trials

Australian Defence Organisation, A Super Seasprite helicopter will land onboard the ANZAC class frigate HMAS WARRAMUNGA while alongside at Fleet Base East in Woolloomooloo on Wednesday, 5 November. The helicopter will be embarked to commence First-of-Class trials onboard the frigate. […]

Instability on the Rise in Latin America, but Defense Spending Remains Largely Flat

Forecast International, NEWTOWN, Conn., November 3, 2003

Spain Joins German – French Tiger Program

G-MoD, BERLIN — German Federal Minister of Defence Dr. Peter Struck and his Spanish colleague, Dr. Federico Trillo Figueroa, have signed an agreement for the participation of Spain in the French-German Tiger program. A comparable agreement has already been signed […]

Pakistan intensifies military operations in Afghan border areas

wsws, Responding to pressure from Washington, Pakistan has been engaged in extensive military operations for the last month to prevent groups of armed fighters crossing its border into Afghanistan. Both the US military and the Afghan government had accused Pakistan […]

NATO chief urges alliance, EU to put military differences aside

AFP, NATO chief George Robertson called Monday on the transatlantic alliance and the European Union to set aside their divisions and adapt to new global security threats in the future. “We really need a NATO-EU relationship that embraces the future […]

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