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U.S. surprised in Iraq by insurgents

International Herald Tribune, Powell says,

, BERLIN: Outgoing NATO Secretary General George Robertson was quoted on Sunday as saying that former enemy Russia could one day join NATO to fight the new common enemy of “international terrorism”. Robertson told Germany

Intellectual terrorism

Hi-Pakistan, Without wishing to sound paranoid or obsessive about conspiracies galore, one cannot entirely rule out the nagging feeling that something foul is afoot, a diabolical plan unfolding which either gathered pace after September 11 or was triggered off by […]

Inside Europe

The Guardian , Uneasy peace has broken out between Nato and the EU following their brief but bloody hostilities over plans to boost European defence. It took the considerable spinning powers of Jamie Shea – the media star of the […]

The Pentagon's pope

The Guardian , The troubles besetting Donald Rumsfeld, who is still the US secretary of defence, continue to grow. The blundering Pentagon chief was in hot water again last week over a series of church and prayer breakfast speeches made […]

Global spy role grows: CSIS head

Toronto Star, OTTAWA

Iraqis Split in Survey Over Government and Role Islam Would Play in It

Washington Post , Iraqis are divided over what political framework they want for their government and what role Islam will play in it, according to a new survey by the State Department's Office of Research. “The public divides among those […]

Security Council reform: Where are the Arabs?

The Daily Star, Recent discussion about UN reform has focused on Security Council composition and the veto. What would such reform mean for the Arab world? When world leaders assembled at the UN last month, the legitimacy and effectiveness of […]

The crusader in the Pentagon

berkshireeagle, In addition to the noxious views on Islam that ought to get him bounced out of his job posthaste, General William G. “Jerry” Boykin, the Pentagon's undersecretary of defense for intelligence, has a novel take on the 2000 presidential […]

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