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North Korea approves Moscow defense build-up

AFP, SEOUL (AFP) Dec 02, 2003-North Korea said Tuesday plans to beef up Russia's military would benefit world peace and act as a check on a hegemonic United States. Last month President Vladimir Putin said Russia would boost its nuclear […]

New boost for Saab anti-ship missile

New boost for Saab anti-ship missile

Saab, Saab Bofors Dynamics has been awarded 10 million Euros by the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration and the Finnish Naval Headquarters for the acquisition of improved boost rocket motors for the RBS15 anti-ship missile system. More Military Pictures The motors […]

Feuding Afghan warlords hand over weapons

AP, GONDI VOLGA, Afghanistan (AP) – Feuding warlords in northern Afghanistan handed over tanks and cannons to the fledgling national army Tuesday in a move greeted by war-weary residents as a chance for peace after more than two decades of […]

The name of the war


Body bag count puts strains on coalition

The Guardian, Spanish PM fights off calls to pull out after record death toll A weekend of bloodshed across Iraq saw November chalk up new and grim records, including the highest number of casualties among coalition troops and the deadliest […]

''Do our enemies covet our way of life?'', When Italy invaded the Sudan, it had nothing to do with jealousy of the Sudanese polity. They simply wanted a share of colonial Africa, like the other Europeans had taken before them. When Germany invaded France, it was not […]

Oil cartel and Russia on the verge of a cold war

AFP, With Russia now exporting more oil than Saudi Arabia, the scene is set for a cold war between Moscow and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (opec), industry experts say. The Russians are refusing to go along with opec […]

In Chechnya, echoes of Afghanistan


War on terror

Daily Times, The MMA, which controls the North West Frontier and Balochistan provinces that border Afghanistan, has provided support for the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan and Islamic militant groups fighting Indian troops in Kashmir

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