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Latvian Radar To Peer Into Russia

AFP, The Baltic state of Latvia on Oct. 31 installed a controversial long-range radar near its border with Russia as part of its preparations to join NATO next year, despite the fears of local residents. The three-dimensional TPS-117 radar, situated […]

Israel To Evaluate Korean T-50 Trainer

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Arms sales to Israel breach guidelines

The Guardian, Large quantities of British arms and internal security equipment are being sold to Israel despite the government's public criticism of the country's human rights record and growing violence there, the Guardian can reveal. Export licences for weapons are […]

Israel is No 1 threat to peace, says EU poll

The Telegraph, Europeans view Israel as the No 1 threat to world peace, ahead of Iran and North Korea, according to a European Commission survey yesterday. The results prompted a furious reaction from the Israeli government, which has already accused […]

No answers as the body bags mount up

smh, Behind the yellow ribbons and the “Support our Troops” banners, the brutal reality of war is hitting home hard across the United States. After the worst single attack on US forces in Iraq since the invasion, mothers spent Sunday […]


Newsweek, Iraq, everyone agrees, is not Vietnam. In Vietnam the United States lost dozens of troops for every one it is losing in Iraq. The Viet Cong guerrillas had broad popular support. They were being supplied by great powers. And […]

LaRouche: 'Not a Nickel' To Sharon

Iviews, Washington, D.C. – Asked by an American Muslim newspaper journalist how he, as President, would “right the wrongs” of United States Mideast policy, Democratic candidate Lyndon LaRouche told his live and webcast audience, “As President, I'll have no problem […]

Resist the official pol-speak of Bush's 'war on terror'

The Guardian, Second world war posters warning that “careless talk costs lives” embodied an enduring truth. Then the fear was that fifth columnists might overhear conversations of value to the Nazis. Elsie: “Can you take the kids to the park?” […]

The west and Islam in Indonesia and the true jihad

The Jakarta Post , The most frequently asked question after Sept. 11, 2001 was: What were the reasons for so much hatred against the West among al-Qaeda and its followers? The answers have varied, depending on one's educational background, social […]

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