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What is the value of a life?


Zionism as a Racist ideology

The New Nation, During a presentation on the Palestinian-Israeli situation in 2001, an American-Israeli acquaintance of ours began with a typical attack on the Palestinians. Taking the overused line that “Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity,” he […]

The Independent Institute, As Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, the top U.S. general in Iraq, unleashed a more aggressive plan to pulverize the intensifying insurgency, he declared that the war was at a turning point and was breaking America

US Middle East Policy Ignores Realities in the Region

Arabnews, WASHINGTON, 19 November 2003

Missiles delivered on time, says defense ministry

CNA, The first batch of US-made AIM-120 advanced medium-range air-to-air missiles sold to Taiwan have been delivered in full and on time, a Ministry of National Defense (MND) spokesman said yesterday. MND spokesman Major General Huang Suey-sheng told a press […]

Europe and US drifting apart

AL-Jazeerah, Tensions between the European Union and the United States are more tense today than at any other time in their history. And we are not talking about Iraq here. Iran's nuclear programme has been the most notable problem, but […]

army unveils revamped vehicle

The Age, Defence Force chief Peter Cosgrove could have been forgiven a touch of nostalgia as he inspected the new, upgraded version of the army's M113 armoured personnel carrier yesterday. Despite tougher armour and a new gun turret, it was […]

Australian bid to train new Iraq army

The Age, Australia is pursuing plans to train the new Iraqi army and speed the coalition's handover of power, according to Defence Force chief Peter Cosgrove. The plans were detailed as Defence Minister Robert Hill revealed that Australians working with […]

Australia leaning to $600 million US muscle tanks

The Age, The Australian Defence Force is to introduce the massive American-built M1 Abrams tanks as an armoured strike force to facilitate a frontline role for the army alongside the US in future international conflicts. Although the choice awaits final […]

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