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Afghanistan: renewed instability?

Daily Times, America

History says Jews, Muslim can live together peacefully

The Jakarta Post , The Jews and the Palestinians are closer than they like to think. The fundamental values of Israel are also sacred to Muslims. The word “Israel” is the name of the prophet Jacob who is praised in […]

Uncensored Gore

LA Weekly, The take-no-prisoners social critic skewers Bush, Ashcroft and the whole damn lot of us for letting despots rule. It's lucky for George W. Bush that he wasn

To American Jews: Israel needs your criticism

IHT, JERUSALEM Next week, 4,000 leaders of the organized Jewish community in North America will convene in Jerusalem for their annual General Assembly to discuss with their Israeli hosts the “shaping of our common future.” As I intend to participate, […]

What US Should Do to Be Friends With Muslim World

Arabnews, We should read US President George Bush

The Zionists have constantly fomented hatred of Jews around the world

, Translation of Sections of Vayoel Moshe, (published in 1961), continued Section 139, Vayoel Moshe, Part II (published in 1961) The Zionists have constantly fomented hatred of Jews around the world in order to strengthen their ideology of creating and […]

Iraq conflict at a pivotal moment


A palpable sense of panic

Inter Press Service, WASHINGTON – While maintaining a brave face on the accelerating stream of bad news coming out of Baghdad, the administration of President George W Bush appears increasingly at a loss, not to say panicked, about what to […]

IAI tests Long-Range Artillery System

Israel Aircraft Industries, Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI)

Ratio of armour to infantry #forum #military2 days ago