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Reconciliation is Possible – Can It Ever Really End?, The world has finally come to its collective senses by explicitly acknowledging that Israel's 37-year military occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem must come to an abrupt end in order for peace in the Middle […]

People the law forgot [Multi part Series]


Israel criticises Powell for 'mistake' over peace plan

The Independent, Israel was unusually critical of its main ally, America, yesterday, after Colin Powell, the Secretary of State, agreed to meet the principal authors of an unofficial, alternative peace plan. The Israeli deputy premier Ehud Olmert said General Powell […]

Chief Rabbi Honoured for 'Message of Hope'

PA, Britain

'Of course, it was all about Iraq's resources'

Gulf News, Edited excerpts of an interview with Noam Chomsky by Simon Mars of Dubai's Business Channel. The interview will be aired again on the programme Perspectives on Tuesday (Business Channel) and Saturday (Channel 33). Noam Chomsky's latest book Hegemony […]

The EU

Daily Times, The battle over Turkish membership has already begun, and the bombers of Istanbul seem to have understood this. Nothing would be worse

Phase three: civil war

The Guardian, The post-occupation power struggle in Iraq may yet be the bloodiest chapter in the conflict What really happened in Samarra? According to US military spokesmen, a series of ambushes on coalition convoys by the Saddam Fedayeen militia was […]

French Submarine Maker Sees India Contract Signed Soon

AFP, French state-owned shipbuilder Naval Constructions Directorate (DCN) said Dec. 2 it was on the brink of signing a deal to give India the technology and know-how to build six Scorpene-class diesel submarines.

Air Force may vanish by 2013, study says

Ottawa Citizen, Military on verge of 'rapid collapse' if funding doesn't soar OTTAWA – Canada's air force, as well as either the army or navy, will likely cease to exist around the end of this decade unless the federal government […]

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