MOSCOW: The final batch of Su-24M2 bombers was handed over to the Russian AF after repair and modernization at the V.P.Chkalov Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association (NAPO) in Novosibirsk. Thus NAPO has fulfilled its obligations under 3-year state contract in the framework of the national defense order for 2009. The aircraft have already flown to the assigned air force base.

NAPO undertakes repair and modernization of the Russian Air Force Su-24M frontline bombers.

The modernized planes are equipped with new equipment and systems. As a result, they get new capabilities and improved combat efficiency.

NAPO also started a series production of modern Su-34 frontline bombers. In 2008 the Russian Defense Ministry and Sukhoi Company signed a state contract to supply 32 such planes to the Russian Air Force.

Besides, NAPO participates in Sukhoi’s civil aircraft program – development and production of Sukhoi Superjet 100 regional jet. Certain fuselage parts including the nose section are produced in Novosibirsk.