We dropped by the KelTec booth to check out a few new offerings for 2016 that we found very interesting. They have a couple of new bullpup rifles in 6.5 Grendel as well as a very cool SBS ready KSG.

  • Tiago Garcia

    what’s the deal with that hideous front sight?

  • Tiago Garcia

    I agree, Kel-Tec are innovators, but you cannot buy anything from them…
    it is impossible to fit their products in stock. I had to wait 5 months to
    get a sub2000 rifle 1st generation (during that wait) Keltec released the
    2nd generation sub2000… WTF??!?!?!?!?

  • RangerColinLZ

    Oh look, new guns that only 5 to 7 people can get. Except the KSG. I see
    those everywhere.

  • DiligentTom

    Is the magazine capacity reduced on the “short-action” KSG?

  • Michael Allen

    The front sight looks like something Wiley Coyote would use from ACME to
    try and kill the Roadrunner

  • AmoebicMagician

    still no nitride or chromed barrels :(

  • Jesse Sisolack

    I keep hearing rumors that Kel Tec has really worked on their quality
    control issues. I hope the rumors are true because I love their designs.
    Maybe after they get that worked out, they can produce enough for us to
    actually be able to purchase, ha.

  • James Bond

    I could mix a protein shake with that barrel iron sight.

  • Jerry Anderson

    Bells and whistles on all these new guns . Keltec got some nice
    configurations that you showed well , keep going

  • drtrolish

    Ahh yes….Kel-never gonna find one at a good price even if you can find
    them-Tec. Whats next ? The looking for Bigfoot booth ?
    A video of a real life unicorn on display ? I only want to buy guns that
    actually exist.