We dropped by the Dead Air Silencers booth to check out their new Ghost-M modular 45ACP suppressor. Dead Air is local to us in Georgia and are doing some very innovative things with their products. Stay tuned for more coverage all week long.


  1. Wish Pappas was in the video. That guy is always fun!
    The guy on the right, I’ve met him before but cant remember his name. I
    believe he used to work for Liberty or OSS but I could be wrong. I met him
    in South Jordan Utah at one of the customer events @ The Gun Vault. Its
    killing me that I cant remember for sure. LOL

  2. Hey guys I don’t know if you’re replying to any comments but I was
    wondering if you were going to check out the Boba Fett armor

  3. You won’t meet a friendlier bunch of people than the guys at Dead Air.

    The K-config would be great for my M&P 45c

  4. I hate how Chad and Eric have to do all the talking, why can’t the rep
    speak about their item? That’s why they’re there. Chad and Eric should ask
    questions about the item to make it as if we, the consumer were there and
    asking those questions. Then they can put in their input.

    That gentleman is standing there because that’s his property, he’s
    responsible for it and it doesn’t matter who’s holding it, it could always
    be stolen.

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