Pakistan Air Force (PAF) JF-17 Thunder fighter jet performs during the Pakistan Day military parade in Islamabad, Pakistan, March 23, 2019. REUTERS/Akhtar Soomro

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan: Reference repeated Indian claims about shooting down of Pakistani F-16 by India and use of F-16 in air battle on 27 February:

The event of 27 Feb is part of history now. No Pakistani F16 was hit by Indian air force.

As regard PAF action for strikes across [Line of Control], it was done by JF-17 from within Pakistan airspace. Later, when 2 Indian jets crossed LOC they were shot down by PAF.

Whether it was F-16 or JF-17 which shot down 2 Indian aircraft is immaterial.

Even if F-16 have been used as at that point in time complete PAF was airborne including F-16s, the fact remains that Pakistan Air Force shot down two Indian jets in self defence.

India can assume any type of their choice even F-16.

Pakistan retains the right to use anything and everything in its legitimate self defence.