Kahr PM9 Review: "Ideal Carry Gun" by Nutnfancy

The PM9 is a high quality, lightweight, accurate sub-compact 9mm pistol. A top choice for CCW holders or Law Enforcement backup, few pistols can equal its speed of reload, caliber choice, quality, accuracy, and reliability at THIS WEIGHT. With an extra mag, the PM9 weighs an amazing 23 oz… fully loaded. The .40 version, the PM40 is of equal size and weight, but loses a round in mag capacity (5 vs 6 for PM9). In years of use I have found the PM9 durable and reliable (after its 200 rd break-in). Downsides would be the high cost, the sharp mag release lever (improved on current models), slower take down, snappier recoil, and necessarily short grip. But having the security and safety of a gun on your person means that the gun should be comfortable to carry, day in, day out. Heavier uncomfortable guns will just be left and not worn… I've seen it a thousand times. That's where the PM9 shines: it IS comfortable and light to carry and still carries effective lethality out to 25 yds. That's an amazing accomplishment for a 16 oz gun. PS JOIN THE NRA TO MAINTAIN YOUR RIGHTS TO OWN DEFENSIVE FIREARMS THAT WILL PROTECT GOOD PEOPLE AND YOUR FAMILY.