NORFOLK, Va: U.S. Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) released a report today outlining a strategic framework that forecasts possible threats and opportunities that will challenge the joint force in the future.

USJFCOM released the Joint Operating Environment 2010 (JOE 2010) to describe the future operational environment and its implications on the structure and function of the joint force.

JOE 2010 continues and improves on work first outlined in the 2008 version of the document which was downloaded over a million times from the command Web site.

“The JOE is a living document; routine revisions ensure it remains relevant by reflecting current and emerging trends,” said Army Lt. Gen. Keith M. Huber, USJFCOM deputy commander. “The purpose of the JOE is to encourage strategic dialogue – we put out JOE 2008, people responded, we listened and made changes and improvements based on that feedback.”

While feedback from JOE 2008 helped inform the new edition, current events and the analysis of those trends and challenges also yielded new areas of discussion.

“JOE 2010 includes new sections on the global economic situation, radical ideologies and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction,” said Navy Rear Adm. Lawrence S. Rice, USJFCOM strategy and policy director. “Recent events, particularly the global economic situation, and their potential impact on the future operating environment made these areas worth exploring. We look to current events to project emerging trends.

“We also put more emphasis on cyber threats and science and technology development. These areas are expanding rapidly with implications for the future joint force,” said Rice.

“We’re already at work on the next JOE; revising the JOE is an iterative process as we look to support the warfighter of today and tomorrow,” said Rice. “As we’ve said since the release of JOE 2008, we will update the JOE routinely in response to input and feedback.”

Copies of JOE 2010 have been distributed to senior leaders throughout the national security community.

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