Quantum3D, Inc.,

Quantum3D COTS IDX 4000 ER IG Solution Provides High-Fidelity, Realtime Visual and Sensor Simulation Solution Using NAVAIR NPSI Databases for AV-8B Radar Night-Attack Weapons System Trainers

ORLANDO, FL: Quantum3D®, Inc., a leading provider of COTS, open-architecture, realtime visual computing solutions, announced today that Indra Systems, Inc. has selected Quantum3D Independence® IDX 4000 ER Image Generator (IG) Solutions as a critical component of Indra's upgrade of the United States Marine Corps AV-8B Radar Night-Attack Weapons System Trainers (R/NAWSTs) at MCAS Cherry Point and MCAS Yuma. The upgraded training devices will support training for all AV-8B missions, incorporating high-fidelity simulation of the entire sensor suite deployed on the all-weather AV-8B aircraft, and will operate in both stand-alone and networked environments.
The IDX 4000 ER IG Solutions provide fully correlated scenes for the out-the-window channels of the AV-8B display, as well as Navigation FLIR, LITENING Advanced Targeting Pod and Angle Rate Bombing System. The high-fidelity, physics-based simulation of the AV-8B sensor suite is provided via the IDX system's Quantum3D Enhanced Sensor Simulation Technology (QUEST(TM)). QUEST employs advanced pixel and vertex shader technologies and Quantum3D's realtime implementation of JRM Technologies(TM) SigSim(TM) to provide MODTRAN-4 compliant, band-accurate, at-aperture scene generation with advanced, low-latency sensor-post processing for sensor effects and symbology. The IDX 4000 ER IG will also render enhanced nighttime scenes to stimulate operational night-vision goggles, which will provide improved training fidelity compared to simulated NVG approaches that employ simulated NVGs and head trackers.

“Indra has a long history of providing quality AV-8B training systems to the USMC,” said Brent W. York, Indra's Director of Simulation. “We're pleased that Quantum3D has partnered with Indra to continue that legacy, and I'm confident in Quantum3D's technical solution and ability to deliver exactly what the Marines need.”

As part of its deliverables, Quantum3D will enhance and publish Navy Portable Source Initiative (NPSI) databases — a key element of the AV-8B program. Quantum3D Vice-President of Technical Marketing, Stephen Gersuk, commented, “Historically, the armed forces have purchased proprietary synthetic environment databases with each simulator, locking themselves into the same IG provider for follow-on systems or enhancements. Now, NPSI databases are being promoted and maintained in open formats under government control, and agencies may select the best technology for each training system requirement without being held hostage to legacy systems. It's a new paradigm being led by the Navy, with similar efforts by the USAF and the Army, that benefits warfighters and taxpayers alike — and Quantum3D supports it enthusiastically.”

Quantum3D President and Co-Founder, Ross Q. Smith, said, “This contract extends our participation with NAVAIR on the TSC II omnibus contract. We are delighted to have a new aviation-training solutions partner in Indra, a company with expertise in AV-8B training requirements and integrating advanced IG solutions that makes the selection of Quantum3D and the IDX 4000 particularly satisfying for us.”