A Japanese Air Self-Defense Force F-35A flies overhead at Misawa Air Base, Japan, Nov. 2, 2017. This is the first Japanese-built F-35A, which was assembled at the Final Assembly and Check Out facility at Komaki-Minami Factory of Mitsubishi Heavy Industry. U.S. Air Force Maj. Elijah Supper, Defense Contract Management Agency government flight representative, stopped at Misawa AB to undergo safety checks before flying across the ocean for the final function test. (U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Brittany A. Chase)

MISAWA AIR BASE, Japan: A Defense Contract Management Agency government flight representative landed the first Japanese-made F-35B on Misawa AB’s runway, Nov. 2.

Maj. Elijah Supper piloted the brand-new aircraft from the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Komaki South F-35 Final Assembly and Check Out facility.

“This F-35 is one of the most clean and well-built aircraft I have ever seen,” Supper said. “The Japanese take great pride in this aircraft and have ensured it’s made to the highest standard.”

Although the aircraft is a Japanese Air Self-Dense Force-owned jet, it is required to go through final function tests in the United States to ensure all future F-35B’s produced in Japan are up to standard.

To ensure the jet arrives securely in the United States, Supper stopped at here to undergo safety checks on the F-35B before flying across the ocean.

“After our final inspections, the JASDF will roll out the F-35 in their fleet,” explained Supper. “This will only further enhance our strong bilateral ties, allowing us to win future wars.”


    • Although that would make sense, It's none the less WRONG. I found the original release. Which seems to have been edited. the F35 picture above lacks the vertical intake door for the Lift fans. making it a F35A. The USAF website for the Air base postes a version with the Correct designation.

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