The Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Russ Crane, AO, CSM, RAN, has unveiled the blueprint for Navy’s future, launching the new edition of Australian Maritime Doctrine in Canberra.

While the recent Defence White Paper outlined what’s in store for Navy and the rest of the ADF in terms of hardware, the Australian Maritime Doctrine details the philosophical and strategic concepts needed to meet the many future challenges to our maritime security.

The maritime sector is already worth $48 billion annually to the Australian economy. The continuing expansion in our use of the sea will see this amount grow further in the years ahead.

“It is an inescapable strategic reality that as Australians we live within a huge maritime realm,” Vice Admiral Crane said.

“Unfortunately, not many of us are aware of it. We are surrounded by three great oceans that control our climate, generate enormous wealth and provide our most important transport medium. Too many Australians still see the sea as a barrier rather than as our highway to the world.”

First released in 2000, this new edition of Australian Maritime Doctrine provides an authoritative guide to current naval thinking, describing the importance of the sea to all Australians and setting out the RAN’s unique place in our national security.

Taking into account the many changes which have occurred in the past decade, this latest doctrine focuses on the need for international cooperation in dealing with global maritime threats both here and abroad. It also places added emphasis on the requirements of a joint approach to defending Australia and its interests.

“The ADF cannot operate effectively unless everyone works together,” Vice Admiral Crane said. “Australian Maritime Doctrine formalises a strengthening partnership across Navy and the ADF, and is a key element in our work to ensure all Australians better understand the importance to their nation of the sea and sea power.

Australian Maritime Doctrine