A Canadian LAV-III during exercise TRIDENT JUNCTURE

The experiences of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and our allies in Afghanistan and other areas of operation continue to demonstrate the ongoing need for a highly protected, yet highly mobile Light Armored Vehicle.

The Government of Canada is providing the required equipment to the Canadian Armed Forces to help them do their jobs, while supporting Canadian manufacturing, innovation, skills and economic development, and maintaining good, well-paying jobs for the middle class.

The LAV III Upgrade project (LAV UP) uses existing and evolving technology to improve the overall capability of the LAV III fleet. The project will modernize a portion of the existing LAV III fleet to ensure it remains the backbone of domestic and expeditionary task forces. It will also extend the life span of the LAV to 2035.

The following turret and chassis (hull) enhancements to the LAVs include:

  • Mobility – upgrade of mobility systems such as the power train, suspension, running gear and brakes (chassis);
  • Protection – installation of additional protection, improving its survivability against increased threats (chassis);
  • Human Factors Engineering – improved crew ergonomics (turret and chassis);
  • Command Support – integration of systems to provide for consolidated information and rapid execution of decisions to improve mission effectiveness (turret); and
  • Precision – upgrade of various components of the sighting system (turret).

On February 10th, 2017, the Government of Canada announced a contract amendment with General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada (GDLS-C) to provide chassis upgrades to 141 LAV Operational Requirement Integration Task (LORIT) vehicles. The contract amendment is valued at $404 million (taxes included).

With General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada employs over 2,000 people in the London region, this announcement will sustain the equivalent of approximately 250 advanced skilled jobs for the middle class in London and will benefit numerous Canadian small and medium enterprises that supply equipment and services to General Dynamics.

Previous LAV upgrades
In October 2011, the Government of Canada announced a $1.064 billion (taxes included) contract awarded to General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada to deliver 550 upgraded LAV IIIs. Under this contract, 409 vehicles received turret and chassis upgrades and 141 LORIT vehicles will receive turret upgrades.

The first on-schedule delivery of upgraded LAVs was announced in January 2013. Final delivery is expected to occur by December 2019. By the end of 2016, 409 vehicles were upgraded.