C130 Crash C130 Hercules Drop Disaster

C-130 Hercules mishap. Terrible disaster. Plane Crash I thought i should add some info, mind this is from a comment and may not be entirely accurate. More info: "1) The pilot was descending at a rate of 2200ft/min from an altitude of 1100ft. 2) The pilot had tried a similiar stunt 2 days prior during a practice run, and was lucky enough to pull out. When confronted by his crew for reckless flying he only laughed at them, subsequently the navigator went to the Commander and DEMANDED to be removed from that plane (lucky for him). Though the commander did switch nav's he did however applaud the pilot for such fine flying, instead of grounding his butt." "It was Sicily, At Ft. Bragg in 1987 at the CAPEX. Capabilities exercise. I was the wrecker operator on duty that day with the 782 MT BN 82nd Abn. The CAPEX continued on down at the firing range after the explosion. There was also a heavy drop (Gamma goat) that was dropped in a farm about 15 miles away from the intended dropsite. LAPES was a good system back in the sheriden days. – fj40jeep (6 months ago) Tags: C-130 Hercules crash tank drop explosion disaster tragic C-130 Hercules crash tank drop explosion disaster tragic ft bragg sicily 1987 CAPEX LAPES